Let Me Guide Your Masturbation

One thing many callers like to talk about when they call is guided masturbation. They like to be instructed how to touch themselves and totally surrender control to you on the phone and have you guide their orgasm. They have their hard cock in hand and do as you tell them to. You can tell them to imagine you are sitting directly across from them and watching them stroke away, giving them instructions. Some like to be told to stop and start over and over and over, so by the time they are finally given the green light to actually cum, they are pretty worked up.

Ones into orgasm denial actually are fun as well. You go through the same routine with them, but rather than give them the green light to cum, you stop them dead in their tracks and tell them to get their hand off that dick and let it go. Deflate and put away, blue balls and all, since they are not allowed to cum tonight or until you say so. It can be fun getting them al riled up only to deny them any release. The frustration in their voice is something else, makes you wanna laugh at their foolishness.

Guided orgasms can be fun in the hands of the right person, not everyone has a talent for such masturbatory guidance, but some do and it can be one of the most satisfying orgasms you can ever experience. Give it a try if you never have. At first it can seem insane to even think of another person deciding when you will cum, but if you get the right person, you will soon wonder what the hell took you so long to try this method of masturbating out in the first place. There’s always new things to try when it comes to sex.

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