Lick My Underarms

I have a few clients that are very interested in the underarms of women. Not just the smell of them when all sweaty, one likes that and enjoys licking them after being out working all day. Yum yum……But The other one likes the idea of fucking women’s underarms. Yes, actually having the woman hold her arm down and he fuck it with his cock. Who knew……Underarm fucking, the next wave in safe sex.

I swear some guys are so horny, they would fuck a ham sandwich. Anything to stick their cock into. I can almost relate better to the ones into he smell. Not that I find it normal or pleasant, it’s just fucking something like an underarm seems weird to me.

I have heard of ones into smelly, fishy pussies, ones into feet and worn slippers and stockings, but underarms? All damp and sticky, doesn’t sound like much the place I’d want to put my cock if I had one. Many aren’t interested in fucking the woman who’s slippers they take and smell, that’s all they are going after. An odd group, but a fairl tightly knit one.

I had a guy on the horn the other night really into slippers, worn ones, and he has his face buried in the pair less than 2 weeks after he’d met this girl. Honestly, I can see having sex with someone that fast of you were attracted to them, but would you really tell a girl you’d known less than 2 weeks that you were totally into your little fuzzy slipper connection.

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