Locked In

Something odd happened to me recently. I was shopping in a store and lost track of time and was in the dressing room when most of the lights went out. I looked at my watch and realized it was after closing time and I’d been locked in the store. I emerged from the dressing room and thought maybe I could call from a phone to get out, but the phones were apparently disabled after closing. I walked around the darkened store and finally found a security guard. He accused me of hiding to steal, but I promised him I’d just lost track of the time and had been overlooked when they closed the store.

He said he didn’t believe me, but he said if I did as I was told he’d let me go. I felt helpless and at his mercy. I had no way to call anyone for help, and he could call the police on me if he chose to and it was my word against his. I knew he was some power tripping jerk, but what choice did I have? He told me to follow him, and we ended up in the furniture department, with display beds on the floor. I was beginning to get the picture. He told me to get undressed and get on one of the beds. I did as I was told.

He then got his own clothes off and began to get on the bed and touch me. I hated my body for betraying me, but I responded to his touches, and he knew it. He said I was a real little slut for getting wet and turned on by a stranger like him. I couldn’t help it. I was soon wanting his hands on me and he knew just how to touch a woman. I soon felt his fingers parting my pussy lips as he rubbed my clit and I couldn’t help but moan and arch up against him. He then slipped his cock inside of me and we fucked for hours on the display bed in the middle of the closed, darkened department store. It was nearly dawn before we stopped and he unlocked the door and let me go. It was a very unexpected experience.

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