Make Him Wait

Some girls will sleep with a guy on the first date. They have no self control and are like animals in heat. Others can be a bit of a tease and make the guy wait. I like to make them wait. When you finally do give in, it can be explosive after weeks of buildup and making them wonder if you’re worth it. The guy I’ve been seeing I’ve made him wait for months and I honestly thought he’d give up, but I’m not desperate, so I made him wait and it was worth it. I told him to book us a room at a nice hotel over the weekend and that it would be very special for us. It was.

He was so excited to finally get at me, I knew he’d jerked off to pace himself. Some guys will just not be able to control themselves and will pop in a situation like this. I went down on his cock, first, and it was a nice size and he was all shaved and smooth, just how I like them. I licked him gently at first before taking the length down my throat, maintaining eye contact with him as I sucked him off and I thought he was going to lose it right there after all of that, but he was able to hold on.

He spooned me and wanted to fuck me from behind while holding me close. I like that position as well. I can rub my clit as he fucks me and it was a very nice way to cum for the first time with another person. It was hot, but we’d talked about it. The expectations, what we’d do and it was nice to finally be able to live it all out. Now we cannot keep our hands off of one another and it’s turning into a very hot relationship for us both.

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