Make Me Wet

Do wet pussies make you hard? They likely do. Watching a lady masturbate is one of the most arousing things a man can see. It also shows them and teaches them how a woman likes to be touched. It’s honestly quite educational for a man if he can watch her touch herself so he can see exactly how she likes it. No one can read their partners mind when it comes to what they want sexually. It’s amazing to me when I read people say their lovers should “just know” what they like, when all people like different things.

Many don’t want to sound like a traffic cop in bed, but they don’t know unless they tell you, or better yet show you. Well a woman can’t show you how to lick her pussy to her satisfaction, but she can sure tell you, but for how she likes to be touched, she really can show you. Some women are shy about doing this for their partner, but it’s the best way and it will turn them on tremendously. Guys love to show a woman how they jerk off, it really drives them crazy to know a woman is watching them. Ones have told me they have fantasies about being on stage even with a female audience watching them. Some love to be watched so much, they don’t even care if it’s other guys watching them!

Dipping fingers into wet, glistening cunts and smearing the juices over a nice, stiff clit is enough to drive most men to a raging erection. If you don’t make enough of your own wetness, lube is always a great thing to have on hand. Your own juices often kick in after a few lubed up moments of play anyway. So men, ask your ladies to masturbate for you and tell them how much it turns you on. They just might do it for you.

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