Make Room For Daddy


Some girls are into the Daddy thing. They were never able to let go of the first man that stole their heart and they look to other older men to recreate what they want in their deepest, darkest desires that they cannot in reality have.

And they are not alone. There are men that want to be Daddy to the women in their beds. I guess if both parties are in agreement to this, then all is fine and well, but when only one wants such a role play or fantasy and the other does not, it can often spell the end to an otherwise good relationship.

I talk to guys all the time that have secret desires and fantasies they share nothing of with their wives or girlfriends, and I understand where they are coming from. They know if they revealed these things, that their relationships might never recover or would even dissolve if they were brought to light.

If a guy asks you to call him Daddy in bed, if you are not into that, it can be beyond upsetting and take you by surprise. If you make too big of a deal of it, it can make them feel criticized and threatened and defensive. Things must be brought up beforehand so as not to take the other person off guard. It’s not fair to spring something on someone in a moment of passion, it can have disastrous results for both parties. So tread lightly when you’re thinking of introducing something different. You may very well regret it if you don’t.

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