Men Touching


So many callers are looking to confess about same sex experiences, it’s unreal how many. Some don’t seem to get into the swing of things until middle age and they find they can no longer deny their desires and married or not, they start to finally experiment with other men. Something many had been fantasizing about for decades and now they have decided they just can’t go on a year longer without knowing what it’s like to suck on a cock, or get fucked.

They generally are not seeking love or a boyfriend, at least not right away. Many are happy with random encounters with cocks coming at them through a wall to service, that’s about as impersonal as you could get, but the craving is so strong for cock, they are compelled to repeat it again and again. They take risks and compromises they likely shouldn’t, but they forge on ahead. One called last night and said how he’s answered an online classifieds site and met with some guy at a hotel room and he was a bit shy at first, but the other guy took the lead and he led him tot he bed and they started to kiss and touch and writhe all over each other.

The soon were naked and performing oral sex on one another, driving each other wild with their tongues. Sucking cocks and balls and fingering assholes, they were very curious and exploratory with one another. The man he met had more experience than he did, which was none, but he was a willing student and loving every minute of his first sexual encounter with a man. He told me he thinks they will see each other again, since he wants more. He’s curious to know what it’s like to feel a man’s cock inside of him fucking him. I don’t think he will be waiting long to find out.

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