There Might Be Snow On The Roof, But There’s A Fire In The Furnace


If you think all old people are all sweet, asexual people, think again! I had my second oldest caller the other day, and he was a live wire. 81 years old and a true perv! I said to him, if you’re like this at 81, what would you be have been like in your 20’s! He was sharp as a tack and said even at his age he masturbated several times a week and he did indeed cum at the end of our 20 minute call he’d gotten himself.

He was into very naughty things, even going down on a lady during her time of the month, all kinds of things he enjoyed. I loved when he stated how, “A real woman swallows her man’s cum, and a real man licks everything that comes out of his lady’s cunt.” Naughty old buggar he was! Many forget just because people get older and their bodies may not do as they want them to, doesn’t mean the desire is gone. As you get older of course your hormones calm down so you may not have as great a sexual appetite as you once did, but for many it remains.

I was reading only recently how STD’s in seniors are skyrocketing to being at the same level almost as college students. They figure once pregnancy isn’t a concern for women after menopause, there’s no need for condoms, which reduce pleasure, but they are also spreading disease. You never think when you go visit Nana at the old folks home that it’s a hotbed of clandestine sexual activity and STD’s, but apparently they are! So don’t let the age fool you, the old guys are still checking you out…

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