Mommy Was My First

There was a caller the other night with a story about how mommy taught him everything he ever learned about sex. I think he was just fantasizing the entire thing, as most do, but he wanted to make it sound like it really happened, of course. He said his mom had started to touch him when he was very young, and this continued until he left for college and when I asked where she was now and if he ever saw her, of course he said she moved away when he left for college and she’d never been seen or heard from again. How convenient for the little story, lol.

His father of course had no idea that sonny boy and mommy were getting it on right under his nose, of course, and he was taught how to masturbate, how to lick pussy, how his cock was sucked and fucking, and of course mommy never made her little boy wear a condom, so it was extra exciting wondering if this was the month that he knocked mommy up. Of course it never happened, she never got pregnant, and daddy never found out about any of it.

So many men wish that their mom’s could have been the one to teach them everything about sex. How it could have made everything more exciting, having a sexual partner right there under their own roof that they could have fucked at any time. Very handy, and daddy always seems to either not be home very much, or just clueless about everything that’s going on. Of course when I asked if he’d ever told any girlfriends about it, the answer was no, he didn’t tell them that his mommy was the first woman he’d made love to. It all sounds so bizarre, but lots of callers have fantasies like this and try and convince you it all really happened.

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