When one mentions mummification, you’re likely to think of King Tut and Egypt. Well in the BDSM world mummification refers to ones into wrapping up their partner, as in with plastic wrap, or bandages. A type of sensory deprivation experience and also of total control by the partner.

Imagine being totally bound and helpless and being turned on and not being able to do anything about it! They wouldn’t need to tie you down, since you’d be already restrained and pretty well immobilized. Laid on a bed and a cock shoved right to your mouth, you can’t refuse it, your arms are strapped to your sides tightly, so you’d best give in.

It can also be referred to as bandage bondage. I had one odd caller a couple of years ago that used to talk about hanging me upside down and my head wrapped in bandages, which I found odd. Not being able to see or hear, and I’d bet not breathe either! I don’t get the appeal of such actions. I mean, I can understand the appeal of a blindfold or tying someone up to the bedposts to tease them, but not full on wrapping someone up. I’m wondering how if they are totally wrapped up, how do you get to their genitals? I recall a number of years ago a man died in some weird accident, he was obsessed with duct tape and wrapped himself up and his head too and suffocated, crazy bastards out there for sure!

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