Mutual Masturbation


This is national masturbation month, but masturbation doesn’t need to be a solo act. Mutual masturbation is fantastic. Whether it’s via phone sex, cyber sex, or laying side by side with another person. Sometimes before a couple jumps right into intercourse, they take things slow and start by masturbating together. They can watch each other, see how the other person likes to be touched and help them, or just watch.

With many people playing online these days, sometimes people meet first online and mutually masturbate together before they even meet in person, so they may have heard each other cum many times before even seeing each other face to face. Long distance relationships can usually benefit from phone sex, yet many callers tell me when they are phoning me from a hotel room they are away on business trips and their wife or girlfriend is “too shy” to engage in phone sex. It’s beyond ridiculous. You’ve had sex with this person for years, yet are too shy to masturbate with them over the phone? Really? I am always shocked to hear this, yet have countless times over the years, so they call a professional to masturbate with.

Some claim their partners don’t masturbate at all and they are forced to either masturbate alone, or call paid girls. Some however speak of wonderful past experiences of watching lovers pleasure themselves as they did and how hot it was before they had sex to watch and enjoy each other via mutual masturbation.

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