My Cuckold Boyfriend

My husband told me when we met before we even slept together that he had a small penis, and he expected this would be an issue in our relationship, but that he was used to being a cuckold, so he wanted me to see other men to have sex with so I’d be satisfied. He said he’d like to watch if I was ok with it, but he was fine with whatever I’d choose to do, but he did love to go down on pussy and he very much looked forward to serving me orally, especially after I’d been fucked with another man’s cum inside of me.

I didn’t think I’d be getting into a relationship like this, but I was open to the idea of it and had a fuck buddy I invited over the following evening and he was fine with being watched. He sat in a chair a few feet from the bed and watched as I fucked and gave my friend a blow job, I’d look over in his direction occasionally and he was stroking his tiny little cock and watched me as I got pounded. I had my legs over the shoulder of my friend to get extra deep penetration and he had a pretty big cock as well.

I was soon filled with cum and my fuck buddy left for the evening and my new boyfriend dove between my legs and lapped up that cum dripping out of my snatch until every drop was cleaned out of me. He made me cum with his expert pussy licking and I knew although our relationship was not conventional, it would work out just fine.

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