Naughty Neighbor Roleplay


One of the most popular roleplay requests is for the naughty neighbor. Apparently there are a lot of sex starved people out there and they are ready to pounce on the nearest warm body, well in the fantasies of the callers anyway. Lots are masturbating regularly to ones they will likely never have, yet cannot stop thinking about fucking and seducing. Their husbands are away a lot on business and the poor dears are so neglected they can’t help but fall for the friendly neighbor.

The lonely housewife, or even a neighbor that works, yet her husband is away too much, or just ignores her and her wants and needs. The handsome neighbor, sometimes the hot, young teen that’s looking to score with a cougar, or sometimes a still attractive middle aged man with a neglectful wife of his own and looking for some affection, the combinations vary for each guy that calls how they want it to play out.

Furtive kisses at first, then secret blow jobs and fucks and being more satisfied than they have been in years with all the fucking that’s going on behind the spouses back and having the time of their lives. Naughty, horny neighbors can be a good thing for all involved. It can be very sexually satisfying for all involved, hence why it’s such a popular and appealing roleplay. Leave the back door unlocked, you never know when the hot high schooler from next door might happen on by for some after school fucking. Teach that young cock a thing or two.

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