Naughty Nurse Fantasies

The naughty nurse gets a lot of action in the world of men’s sexual fantasies. One called last night that wanted me to be the nurse, checking his vitals before the doctor came in and wouldn’t you know, he had been having trouble coming to orgasm. He was able to get hard, but was often left frustrated and not able to complete. Of course as a nurse that’s dedicated her life to helping others, I needed to get to the bottom of this most troublesome dilemma. I was determined to help him cum to see if in fact he could.

So he began to masturbate in front of me, showing me how getting erect was no problem, but being able to finish, well, he really could only do that with help, not alone. So I volunteered to take over the stroking of his cock and it worked like a charm. I even allowed him to look at my breasts and feel them, getting him more and more turned on. Then he asked if I’d use my mouth on him, he thought that might be the thing that was able to finally get him to cum. I agreed.

I moved my mouth onto the head of his cock and started to move my tongue around it and lick the precum off and wiggle it around the hole. He loved that and shivered when I did that. I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing it down further and I was really gagging on it and I knew he was going to be able to cum and it wasn’t long until I had a mouthful of his cum and swallowed it. I then told him he didn’t seem to be having any trouble ejaculating today and wrote it all down in his file. The doctor came in soon afterwards and was pleased with my helping the patient.

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