Nylons, Anyone?


The fact that many men are into wearing ladies lingerie and pantyhose isn’t really news to anyone. It does seem to be a growing interest from what I see from callers, especially men into pantyhose. The tactile sensations they enjoy from the feeling of the nylons is a heady one to many. Most men that have a stockings or nylons or pantyhose fetish, they seem to be content enjoying these garments on women. They love fucking their lovers that are wearing these items, often tearing a hole into the pantyhose to fuck right through them. Let’s hope their ladies buy cheap hosiery at the dollar store and not the really expensive ones!

More and more men though are wearing the hose themselves, and also having their ladies wearing theirs, both wearing them together. I’m a bit surprised some of their lovers don’t mind this, that they are open minded towards it. I don’t think I’d like it if my lover came to bed wearing a pair of pantyhose, I’d be a bit concerned. I’m too vanilla for that, even though I know it’s harmless, it’s just not “manly”.

Any item of clothing can be fetishized, from panties, to stockings, to garter belts to bras, all of which guys have called up wearing and enjoy doing so usually in secret from their partners. Not all into lingerie and stockings are wearing wigs and makeup and the whole nine yards, it can sometimes be just an interest in this one area that they can’t let go of. It’s easy now to order anything online one might be a bit too self conscious to go into a store to buy, so the embarrassment factor is pretty well gone.

I can recall many years ago my grandmother telling me how an acquaintance of hers owned a nurse uniform and lingerie shop and how a man once came in, this was in the 1960’s, and the man asked if he could try on a girdle and the shop owner told him to leave, that there would be none of that going on in her store! Today he could go on eBay and order away to his hearts content with nothing like that happening!

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