The Old Switcheroo


Some might consider swinging and swapping a perversion, but it’s actually quite a common sexual behavior that many couples engage in. There’s swinging clubs all over the world and even large conventions they go to. I’d think it would be more fun to sneak around if you wanted more on the side, your own dirty little secret type of thing, but ones into the swinging lifestyle like to keep it all out in the open and watch their partners with other people.

Cuckold of course is only a one way swap, only the guy watching his wife or girlfriend with another guy, not himself being with the lady of the guy doing his wife. I guess if everyone involved is in agreement and has fun, why not. Many clubs have all the people tested for STD’s beforehand and they agree to only have sex with the people in that club, so they can all engage in unprotected sex within their protected little circle. I knew a single guy that was involved in such group that he fucked the wives of, there were a few single members that were members as well, which I found odd, but was allowed within this group.

Some are just couples, not in any organized group, they just like to play with other couples. A convention for swingers, yet there are several big ones a year ones fly in from all over the world to to play with new couples. Like an international movable orgy of sorts that varies by locale from year to year! No matter your sexual perversion, you are sure to find like minded others into the same games that you are, not a doubt. Especially in the age of the internet with seeking them just a few mouse clicks away has never been easier.

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