Sex Lessons

One of my favorite callers had a very sexy scenario for a call I liked very much. He wanted to be the teacher to a young teenage girl and give her sex lessons. With her parents permission, and all consensual and educational. I was the young girl in the fantasy and called him up to ask, he was a friend of my parents in the fantasy. I was curious and felt comfortable with him, knew he was safe and that my parents would approve of him since he was a friend and a safe person.

The mother dropped me off at his door and said to call when I was ready to be picked up. There was to be no penetration or oral this first lesson, only kissing, touching, and fondling. Ease me into things, get comfortable with a man’s body and responses. It was very romantic and sensual. The teasing that went on. Giving a man an orgasm for the first time, and having one give me one. I’d already of course by this age been masturbating for several years and knew how to give myself an orgasm. It was however quite different to have a man’s fingers touch me and tease me, while I was being passionately kissed. I genuinely enjoyed the call and the topic.

Wouldn’t it be nice at different points of our lives to be the student and the teacher in different scenarios and with different people we have fantasized about. It would be very lovely, but the chances of falling in love with the teacher would indeed make things difficult on the student. Feelings often get caught up with sex and the one showing us these things might not be wanting us to fall in love with them. It depends on the persons involved, really, and how they each feel. It was a wonderful fantasy though I’m sure many of us have had over the years.

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Older BBW

I had a caller last night that described himself as an young, fit college student, yet he said he loves older BBW’s. The more experienced, nurturing, cuddly women that fall into the big, beautiful woman category. It always seems surprising to me a fit young guy, or a fit guy of any age wouldn’t also want a fit partner, it’s nice someone has a thing for the more cuddly women out there. They do have their charms, and usually larger breasts. Ask men that have been with lots of women of all sizes and they will let you in on another fact as well. Larger women have tighter pussies.

They are not looking to be fetishized, they want love and affection the same as anyone else, but some men do prefer the type of woman that is built for comfort, not for speed variety. A titty fuck with a large breasted woman is a treat you will not soon forget. Many larger women also have a larger than average sexual appetite, a large appetite in all areas kind of thing. That mother earth, hedonistic, simple pleasures type of thing going on. Does the idea of a cuddly, horny, older woman get you going? Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Some callers have fantasies about super sized BBW’s, I’m talking ones that are so large they are bedridden, like five hundred or more pounds. I don’t understand the appeal of that, but most larger ladies are not in that category, but there are incredibly some men that have such fantasies. No matter how different someone is, you can bet that somewhere someone is fantasizing about them in some capacity. Not all men are fantasizing about college age girls that resemble Barbie dolls, and that’s a good thing, since more women tend towards being a BBW than a Barbie doll type.

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Beasts and Blackmail

The city I am in has a housing shortage, and I do not make a lot of money so my options are limited. I found the perfect building and it was relatively cheap. The only issue was there were a few dozen people trying to rent the available unit. We had to be able to make some impression on the landlord as to why he’d choose us to live there. I knew as soon as I walked in to meet him he had his eyes on me and he got a devilish grin. I was afraid to ask why.

He said he’d agree to accept me as the tenant, but there was a catch. Here it was. I knew there was something. He then asked if I liked dogs, I said sure, I adore animals. He called his dog in, Rex, he called him. He seemed a friendly, likeable dog. I patted him on the head and didn’t understand anything more. He then said he’d let me stay there for free for the first six months if I’d let the dog fuck me right then and there. I was incredulous at his nerve, disgusted by his suggestion. Then he started to ask me how many units I’d looked at, a lot, how their prices were in comparison, a lot higher, how much money did I owe, a good deal. He brought up all these valid points. He said if I just allowed Rex to fuck me, my money worries would be lessened for the next half a year at least.

I was horrified but thought it over and agreed to it. I asked him if I could have a few drinks first. He happily got me some drinks. I then stripped and he had me lay back on the sofa and he helped guide Rex into me. I had a feeling old Rex was no stranger to this sort of thing. I stared at the ceiling and pretended this wasn’t happening. The landlord was rubbing his own cock as he watched this unfold in front of him. Rex was fucking me at top speed and soon whimpered and came into my pussy. The old guy shot his load, I ran for the shower nearly in tears. What we have to do for a place to live these days.

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Horny & Handicapped

I have a few different callers that are disabled physically that cannot have an orgasm when they masturbate and it’s very frustrating for them to get any sexual enjoyment. The one caller says he used to have a girlfriend, and she knew she was a loser that couldn’t get better than a disabled guy, so she’d rather him than nothing. So she would straddle him and stuff his cock into herself, but he could not feel a thing. Seems so very sad. He says he used to wake up hard when he was younger, but he could not cum and was essentially numb.

He said when he was younger and his mom would catheterize him or a nurse, he’d get hard as well. More from seeing them do it, since he could not feel it yet the body had a mind of its own and would get him hard. I cannot imagine the frustration of living like that. He’d even watch porn to mentally work himself up, even though there would be no chance of an orgasm. If it was me, I’d rather ask a doctor for some kind of pill to deaden the sex drive entirely rather than get mentally aroused, yet no way to get actual release. He said the sexual tension would give him a headache.

I feel very badly for these frustrated folks with no hope of an orgasm. One asked me if I’d ever seen handicapped porn. I honestly had never even heard of it, so he told me what video to watch while we spoke on the phone and there’s videos of paraplegic men jerking off. I never even thought of this. I guess their levels of sensation vary from person to person. So sad to see their wasted, skinny dead legs as they beat their dicks. There but for the grace of God go I. Think that the next time you jerk off. Be glad you can feel your dick and are not like one of those poor bastards!

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Tongue That Ass!

One of my more frequent callers only ever wants to discuss other men, a great many fall into that category actually. They fantasize about other men, even if they are married and consider themselves heterosexual, but they watch gay porn and fantasize about other men fucking them. One of these callers is really into talking about licking another man’s ass. Analingus. Tonguing and rimming and “Frenching his ass”, as he likes to put it. Working up and down that ass crack with his tongue and sucking on his cock and balls as well, but the ass is the main focus of his calls.

Drooling all over that juicy ass crack, the talk of that drives him wild. I of course would be watching the tongue fucking and encouraging it all as I sit to the side of the bed and watch. Some guys into other men that call are just into oral, nothing to do with ass, but some want that ass experience. They even call it their “man pussy”, for those that don’t know that term. Odd, but oh well, people have odd terms they use for things. Does the idea of licking another man’s ass arouse you, or you want to be licked yourself?

Callers confess all sorts of things they have not only fantasized about, but actually done. Even if it happened decades ago, it can have a very real impact on their day to day masturbation lives as they go over the experiences in their mind, even thousands of times, it never gets old to them. Sucking balls, licking cock heads, Frenching ass’s, these are all things we phone sex ladies hear about as we get these masturbating men off. Maybe it’s just for fantasy and you’d never really do it, but if you need a friendly ear to talk to, we are here for you.

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