Are You Man Enough? Period Sex

Not all men are cool with the idea of period sex, some don’t care, a few have a fetish for it. There’s variations of all kinds on the topic. Most callers don’t really bring up the topic of women bleeding, but the occasional one does and some are even good with going down on a woman when she has her time of the month. It’s not that big of a deal, just put down some towels or do it in the shower. It’s not battery acid, it’s not going to dissolve your cock if some menstrual blood touches it.

Ask your lady if she’s ok with it if you want to have sex during that time. Maybe she has cramps so bad, sex of any kind is the last thing on her mind. Some say an orgasm can relive cramps, others find it makes them worse. One thing it will do is make the bleeding heavier for a few hours after an orgasm, which is not fun. It’s up to each couple what is going to go on, if anything, during that not so fun time of the month. I doubt many women would want you or expect you to go down on them then, you just feel dirty, but hey, some guys are into that.

Sometimes hormones can make you hornier during that time, so don’t be afraid to ask and have a discussion about what your wife or girlfriend’s period is going to mean for your sex life. Can you handle a bit of gore? You likely can, some men are such assholes about it though, acting all horrified if you even bring up the thought of them putting their dick inside your bleeding lady parts. So have some consideration. Just be direct and matter of fact, and above all, be open to it. You’ll live and find it’s not that big of a deal.

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Hot Threesome with My Friends

A good friend of mine asked if I’d like to join her and her boyfriend in a hot threesome. I’m always game for some naughty fun, so I said yes. It was a lot of fun indeed. She likes to lick pussy, and her boyfriend fucked me while she licked my cunt and it was pure heaven. She’s better at licking pussy than most men that have gone down on me. His cock slid in and out and she worked her tongue on my clit until I had shivers down my spine and was twitching with excitement.

We gave his cock a blow job together which he loved, as well. Both of us kneeling in front of him, she working on his full balls, and me, sucking on his hard shaft, swirling my tongue all over him until he was dripping with precum. He placed his hands on the backs of both of our heads, pulling us into him. I felt like I was going to choke on that hard dick, yet it felt good, and my pussy was very wet. I still had his cum dripping out of me and I was fingering myself already wanting and needing to cum again.

My cunt was sopping wet, and he loved looking down and seeing me masturbate as I blew him. I quickly glanced down and saw his girlfriend was doing the same, rubbing her pussy. It felt good for us all to be pleasuring one another like this, to all be cumming and making one another feel good. He was about to cum and he pulled his cock out of my mouth and sprayed both of our faces with his hot cum. It shot in multiple jets right in our faces, we both had our tongues out to catch as much as we could. I do hope to have more threesomes with them again.

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Grab a Granny

Many men like the older woman, the MILF is legendary, but there’s many men who like a significantly more mature woman than even the cougar or MILF. Ones her mom’s age, the GILF. The grandma you’d like to fuck. Now I don’t hear daily from men they are seeking out women in their seventies and eighties, but it’s heard a lot more frequently than one would imagine it is. A grandmother fetish might be a bit extreme, but there’s been countless times when even men calling in their twenties have expressed sexual interest in women that would be their grandmother’s age. Ones trying to get caught by grandma as they masturbate, taking her panties, all sorts of things.

Many have spied on grandma as she was getting dressed or out of the bath or shower when they were visiting. Took her panties to masturbate with when they had the chance, it’s not as rare as one would think for men to be doing these things. Once you embrace that most men are perverts at heart, there’s nothing that won’t surprise you once you hear it. Why should beating their meat to grandma’s panties really surprise you?

Some have fantasized about older women like this their entire lives, it’s not some new fetish that comes over them, it’s usually been there a long time and once the opportunity arises to actually get with one of these older women, they jump on it. They know some lonely widow that hasn’t had any attention paid to her in a long time will be a bit desperate for attention, so they might get lucky out of the woman’s sheer desperation, there’s all kinds of bizarre dynamics at play in cases like this. The experience as well is an appeal to many, they literally have decades of sexual experience to draw from that women their own age simply do not have. There’s guys out there lusting after the grannies, don’t doubt it for a minute.

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Ice Cube On The Clit

Temperature play can be a fun thing to experiment with in the bedroom. Hot, cold, warming and cooling lubes, heated up toys, there’s no end to the fun. Ice cubes can be run over the most sensitive areas like the clit, cock and nipples for maximum fun. The shock of the cold temperature on the hot, overheated skin can be a bit of a shock and a jolt. It’s going to make you flinch at the first touch in the best possible way.

My boyfriend and I have played with ice cubes many times, I find it quite a pleasurable sensation to have an ice cube run over my clit momentarily. My pussy gets so hot, it practically steams, so the coolness of the ice is refreshing. Last week we hadn’t done it in a while, so we decided to again and it was a lot of fun. He’d tied me up and used some toys on me, some glass sex toys and heated them up in bowls of hot water. It felt really good actually. Then the cold jolt of the ice made me gasp. I was dripping as he moved the heated glass toy in and out of my pussy and circled my clit with the ice cube that was melting from his fingers.

He ran them over my nipples, making me arch my back to meet him. Then he popped the ice in my mouth and it was soon followed by his cock. I had the ice cube and his dick in my mouth at the same time. The cube quickly melted from the heat of my mouth slurping away, and his hot, hard cock. I played with the melting ice as it rolled around the head of his dick. I know he loved it. I was soon rewarded with a mouthful of his cum. He fucked me a while later and it was hot as always, making us both cum once more. I think we should definitely play with the ice more often it’s fun!

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Clubbing Surprise

Callers will often ask if I’ve had any lesbian experiences and I tell them a few. Last weekend I went to this new club some friends had raved about and it was packed. I’d gone with a couple of acquaintances, but they quickly dispersed when we arrived and we were on our own. I sat down and ordered myself an overpriced drink and it was so packed this woman asked if she could share my table with me as there was nowhere else for her to sit. I invited her to sit down and it was pretty loud so we couldn’t talk much, but she seemed nice right off the bat.

She then said her friends had abandoned her as well, and would I like to dance? Women danced with one another all the time so I didn’t think a thing of it and said yes. We finished our drinks and headed to the dance floor. We were dancing away and laughing and out of the blue she leaned forward and kissed me. I’m not sure if she thought I was a lesbian or what, but I didn’t stop her. The lights were flashing, the music pounding and it just seemed right at that moment.

I continued to allow her to kiss me and others were not paying attention to our personal little drama. She then grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the rest room and we went into a stall. I don’t know why I allowed it, but again, it just felt right to go with it, so I did. She put her hand down my jeans and into my panties and started to rub my now wet pussy. She got me off right there in the bathroom stall, with people coming and going right outside the entire time. I bit my lip to keep from crying out when I came. I kissed her passionately and really enjoyed the odd and unexpected moment. We then left the stall and went our separate ways and I doubt I will ever see her again, but it was a fun experience.

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