Locked In

Something odd happened to me recently. I was shopping in a store and lost track of time and was in the dressing room when most of the lights went out. I looked at my watch and realized it was after closing time and I’d been locked in the store. I emerged from the dressing room and thought maybe I could call from a phone to get out, but the phones were apparently disabled after closing. I walked around the darkened store and finally found a security guard. He accused me of hiding to steal, but I promised him I’d just lost track of the time and had been overlooked when they closed the store.

He said he didn’t believe me, but he said if I did as I was told he’d let me go. I felt helpless and at his mercy. I had no way to call anyone for help, and he could call the police on me if he chose to and it was my word against his. I knew he was some power tripping jerk, but what choice did I have? He told me to follow him, and we ended up in the furniture department, with display beds on the floor. I was beginning to get the picture. He told me to get undressed and get on one of the beds. I did as I was told.

He then got his own clothes off and began to get on the bed and touch me. I hated my body for betraying me, but I responded to his touches, and he knew it. He said I was a real little slut for getting wet and turned on by a stranger like him. I couldn’t help it. I was soon wanting his hands on me and he knew just how to touch a woman. I soon felt his fingers parting my pussy lips as he rubbed my clit and I couldn’t help but moan and arch up against him. He then slipped his cock inside of me and we fucked for hours on the display bed in the middle of the closed, darkened department store. It was nearly dawn before we stopped and he unlocked the door and let me go. It was a very unexpected experience.

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My Friend’s New Husband

When one of my friends introduced me to her new husband, I had a bad feeling. Not because I didn’t like him, but because I liked him too much. I was instantly attracted to him and knew if I acted on it, I’d lose her as a friend. I had to weigh how much she meant to me as a friend, versus how attracted to him I was. I could tell from how he looked at me, this was mutual. He wasted no time in getting me alone and making suggestive remarks. I could feel the heat between us. Good thing my friend seemed to clueless to notice.

The place we met was a party, a big and boisterous one. He took me to a quiet room and wasted no time in touching and kissing me, and I didn’t stop him. The door was locked, but I worried my friend might come looking for him, but she didn’t. He promised she’d be absorbed in her friends for hours, so there was no worry of getting caught. He laid me on the bed, pulled my skirt up and pulled my panties to the side. He stroked his hard cock up and down my already dripping wet slit.

My clit sprang to life as I felt his cock and it felt so good. My nipples were erect and I was so turned on as he teased me this way. He finally slid into me and stretched me open and he began to thrust into me and fuck me hard. He grabbed my ass and I bit my lip to keep from crying out with pleasure. I didn’t want us to be heard. We bucked against one another as we fucked and each sought our release. He worked the pad of his thumb on my stiff clit and I soon came from his cock and his playing with my clit. He shot his load in me and we soon straightened up and rejoined the party. Him leaving a few minutes before I did. His wife did not suspect to my knowledge. I’d like to play again, we will need to be careful.

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New Year’s Resolution

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions, and most of us fail at them and give up. I was given a lovely new treadmill for Christmas though and I’m going to use it. I’m not over weight, but I’d like to be more in shape and more toned. My neighbor also has a good view of the room I put it in and I happen to enjoy exercising in the nude and I thought it would be fun to tease him while I got in shape. He’s an older man and I know he doesn’t get any sex from his wife. I guess it’s kind of mean to tease him, but maybe he will appreciate it, and he always has the option of not looking if it bothers him as well.

I set up the treadmill within hours of getting it and gave it a whirl. It felt good to be active again, since I’m such a homebody. I work at home and do not honestly leave that much, so exercise must be gotten at home. It was while I was using it for the first time I happened to glance up and saw him staring at me through the window and he could see I was nude. I didn’t want to get clothes all sweaty, so figured it was just as easy for me to use it before I get in the shower and be nude as I did.

I pretended I didn’t see him watching, but I knew he was there. I even got the idea to masturbate after I used it before I got in the shower and would touch my pussy and tits while standing up and semi facing the window he was watching through. Not long after I saw his arm moving slightly back and forth and I knew he was masturbating as he watched me doing the same. I could see his reflection in a mirror that was on the wall. It was a way to see him watching me without me actually looking right at him out the window. Oh well, I guess I’ve given the old goat a few thrills by this now. Hope he enjoys the show.

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I Cucked Him

I married an older man, he’s older by nearly thirty years. When I got married I was young, so he was still fairly vital and active. He’s slowed down a lot though and that leaves me wanting in the sex department. I’m a vibrant, horny woman, and I’m afraid he’s a senior now and just cannot meet my demands sexually. I decided I was not going to go without just because he could no longer meet my sexual needs, so I started to fool around with one of the tradesmen that does work on our home frequently. He’s ten years younger than I am and has a fantastic body and sexual appetite.

I told him how it is and he said he’d be happy to help me out whenever I needed him to, so we’ve been fucking for months. My husband out about it though, but he felt bad for me. He knows he can no longer meet my needs, so he gave me permission to continue, but said he’d like to at least be able to watch. He’d provided me a wonderful lifestyle, it was the least I could allow. So that very night, the workman came back and bedded me, while my older husband watched from the corner of the room.

I felt a little self conscious, but that soon disappeared and I forgot he was even there watching. I was concentrating on my pleasure and how well my pussy was being filled up by this hot, young guy and how well he fucked me. I sucked his cock and he went down on my pussy, and I knew we were being watched throughout it all, but I was simply enjoying it. I hadn’t thought of things going this way before, but I could certainly get used to them.

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He Couldn’t Get a Girlfriend

There’s no shortage of callers who just do not have luck with the ladies. They are either shy, have a small dick, not attractive enough, there’s lots of reasons. So many either turn to escorts or sex toys. Obviously sex toys are the safer and less expensive of the two options. Some even name their sex toys after actresses or porn stars they wish they were fucking. One such caller had gotten the artificial pussy with the ass cheeks like in the one pictured here. He would lay it on his bed and turn the lights out, only the light of the window streaming it.

He said in the near darkness he would imagine his dream girl face down in the pillow on the bed in front of him, ass up and him fucking her from behind. He said the sensation was pretty good, he’d have porn playing in the background, and after a few drinks it made it all the more real. Oh well. If that’s what you need to settle for, there’s certainly toys out there to do it that way. Many think that toys are just for the ladies, but there’s a lot for men and it’s a growing market as more and more men decide they too would like something to spice up their masturbation routine.

Lots of callers are using toys when they call. Dildos, prostate massagers, men also enjoy vibrators. Some will mention they are running one around the head of their cock and they love the sensation it gives. Ones into sounding will insert that metal rod down their dick and then hold a vibe on the exposed tip of the metal wand, vibrating their cock from the inside out. So if toys are enjoyable for you, why not. They don’t ask for a commitment and don’t nag at you. A worthwhile investment in most cases.

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