The Drug Delivery

When I was in college one of the things I did for extra money was deliver packages. One of the places I delivered for was a pharmacy. Many of the customers were old and sweet, but not all of them were old or infirm. One of the men I delivered to was a nice looking middle aged man. I brought him his pills, I hadn’t read the label stapled to the bag, so I didn’t know what drug they were. When I came to his door, it was my last delivery of the day and I mentioned that when I handed him the bag and he asked me to step inside for a moment. I didn’t think a thing of it and I came in.

He then confessed the drug I’d delivered him was for erectile dysfunction. He’d never needed to take one of the “little blue pills” before and he was unsure if it would work for him, but he was at the end of his rope trying and disappointing his girlfriend. He asked me if there was any way I’d stay with him while he took one and see what happened. I was a bit shocked, but agreed to stay. He took one and we chatted a while and soon the conversation turned sexual and could see he was sporting an erection in his pants. He asked if I minded if he masturbated while we spoke. I again was a bit shocked, but agreed to.

He removed his cock from his pants and he actually had a nice sized cock. After a few moments he asked if I’d rub it for him. I sat down beside him and began to stroke him. He was as hard as a rock and he said he hadn’t been hard like this in years. I soon used my mouth on him and then he asked if I’d let him fuck me and I agreed. He bent me over and pounded me there right over the armrest of his sofa, and he made me cum hard. He did cum in me but stayed hard afterwards. He then asked if I’d stay until it went down and I did. It was an odd event for sure, but I’m kind of glad I helped him out. I’m really glad the pills worked for him.

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Sex with the Teacher

When people think of a sexual relationship between student and teacher, they usually are not thinking of it being a same sex relationship. Ones like that can often fly under the radar and be more easy to get away with, since many are not wanting the fact that they are gay to get out, so there’s no bragging to friends, it’s much more secret in the first place. One caller of mine told me about how when he was in his teens his first lover was his English teacher. They were only around ten years apart in age, and he had a talk with his teacher after class about possibly coming out to his parents and the teacher revealed he’d been through the exact same thing. Thus began the start of their sexual relationship.

They began meeting for coffee and talking about what it meant to be gay, how it could impact your life and things soon took a sexy turn when the teacher invited the student over for a barbecue. He had a pool and swimsuits were definitely optional. They took a nude swim in the moonlight and were soon jerking one another off and performing oral sex on one another. The teacher gave the caller his first blow job. He thought he’d died and gone to heaven when he felt lips around his cock for the first time.

Needless to say, he kept coming back for more. He was underage and he knew for both their sakes it had to be a secret. He went over to the teachers house as often as he could get away, and blow jobs soon turned to full on fucking and he said it was the most exciting year of his life when he was in the relationship with this older teacher and the clandestine relationship had to be kept so private from everyone, it only heightened the arousal for them both. When he went away to college it ended, but he thinks about those hot, sexual experiences often and thanks the teacher that taught him the most important things of all.

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Masturbation Acceptance

One thing we operators hear a lot about is guilt and masturbation. It’s very sad that grown men have any reason to feel guilty about pleasuring themselves. Most don’t of course, but the ones that do, really feel guilty. They have been punished, humiliated, taken to church. I hear it all. Some men write fantasies of a therapist, step mother or doctor that is giving them permission to masturbate and not feel guilty about it. Affirmations that is a fine and healthy thing to do and there is no reason for shame in this most human, natural act.

Of all the things to make someone guilty about, it seems rather silly. They haven’t harmed another person, stolen anything, it hasn’t done anything bad to their health, it doesn’t cost money to do, it seems crazy anyone would knock it really. Have you had someone in your past that shamed you if they caught you? Are there embarrassing instances in your past that you fee the need to share or relive that you really can’t talk about with anyone else? We phone sex girls are here to help and to listen, and give you as much acceptance and masturbation encouragement as you need.

It can be a traumatic situation that mentally scars you for life, one that you can look back on in horror even decades later, even long after the one who shamed you is long dead. There is nothing wrong with masturbation or pleasuring yourself, know that. You have every right to enjoy your own body and no one can tell you any different. They are wrong to try and make anyone feel guilty for such a natural act. Confessions are a part of phone sex, and many callers have no one else to share with. Please, pick up that phone and share with us today if you feel any misplaced guilt. There’s no need to feel shame anymore.

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Jigaboo Gangbang

This caller that’s black said he had a gangbang last week with two of his coworkers. Another black man and a white woman. They felt she was a snob and they told her if she got some of their nigger dick it might let her know what she’d been missing. She was pissed off at them and told them shed never allow herself to be taken by some uppity spook like them. They just laughed at her. Later that day, one of them pulled out his eleven inch black cock and asked her what she thought of that. She’d never seen anything so big they said.

So her curiosity got the better of her and she said she wanted to feel that in her pussy to see how it might stretch her out. She said her boyfriend was barely four inches when hard. She was soon worshiping at the alter of black cock and calling them every name in the book while they rammed her from both ends. She was sucking one and getting fucked by the other. She said she couldn’t believe nigger dick was in her cunt, but she loved it. They took turns having her suck them and fuck them.

Her cunt was stretched and gaping after accommodating those huge cocks. They were laughing, saying she’d have a hard time explaining to her boyfriend at home. She was sore for days, but soon changed her mind about fucking black guys once she’d had a pounding by the two of them. Now she’s craving it and wanting to fuck them more. They told her once she’d had the taste of chocolate, there’d be no going back. They both have huge cocks that mesmerize the ladies he said, confidently. The two of them have tagged team a few other white women as well he said. Converting them to nigger dick, one gangbang at a time.

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Berry Picking Passion

One thing I always do each summer is pick my own fruit. It’s fun to do once a year or so. There’s a farm on the outskirts of town that I go to. There’s quite the crowd that gathers there at times. I was minding my own business picking some blueberries and this man came up behind me and starting working on the bush I was picking from. I told him to move down from me and he said he came over to me because he thought I was pretty. Well that’s a bit different. So we started chatting as we picked the berries.

He leaned over and kissed me, right there in the berry patch. Most people had moved away from where we were sitting and soon we were kissing passionately right there in the late afternoon in the middle of a field. He reached for my breast and I didn’t stop him. His cock was hard in his pants and I reached out and grabbed it and took it out and was soon fondling him and then I went down to suck it. I couldn’t believe I was sucking a stranger’s cock right here out in the open. He laid me back and we half took our clothes off.

He was inside me before I knew it and I had my legs wrapped around him. I loved the feel of him inside of me, this stranger in the berry patch. We kissed and fucked furiously, although no one seemed to be anywhere around or to have seen us. We both came and started laughing at the absurdity of the situation. We soon put our clothes back on and were headed back to the parking lot, our picked berries in hand. I doubt we will ever see one another, we didn’t even get each others names, but it was a fun and silly thing to do with a stranger in a berry patch.

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