Master Collared Me

The man I’ve been seeing the last few months is a very reserved type in everyday life, but when it comes to all things sexual, he’s a very different sort of man. The first few times we sleep together I was impressed, he really pleased me, but did not let on he was particularly dominant. I think he wanted to feel me out so to speak. Then one night he asked me what I knew if anything, about BDSM, was I at all submissive. How would I feel about being collared? I asked if he meant like a dog. He smiled and said well, yes, a collar and leash, but not really like a dog.

I trusted him, and told him so, so I was open to trying things. He led me into the bedroom and had me sit on the edge of the bed and he took a new collar and leash out of the bedside table. He’d obviously bought them in anticipation of my saying yes. He asked if he could slip it on me and I agreed to let him do so. Then he told me to get on all fours on the ground and crawl around a bit. It was different and odd, yet I kind of liked it and I knew without a doubt I was getting wet at doing this.

He soon lifted me onto the bed and stripped me of my lingerie and soon discovered I was wet and he said he had the feeling I’d like this and he proceeded to run his hands over my panties and feel my dampness and soon slipped his hand inside and rubbed my pussy until I came all over his hand. I had a feeling this was just the start of a very interesting part of our relationship and I was looking forward to exploring it.

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Yes, Sir

Spanking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I do enjoy a good paddling from my boyfriend. He figured out pretty quickly after we met that I tended to be on the submissive side. He asked how I felt about being spanked and had anyone done that to me before. I blushed and said no, it had not been done to me before. Then he asked if I’d be open to that and I said yes. He then told me to lay over his knees and I knew what was coming. A hard smack across my behind, and I was right!

I flinched at the sensation, but did find it a bit arousing. With each strike of his hand I could feel myself growing wetter and wetter. He soon pulled my panties down with me squirming a bit and he put his fingers into my pussy from behind and started to rub my pussy. I was indeed quite soaked, which he commented on. I felt like a little slut, getting wet for being spanked. I couldn’t help it though. He found my stiff clit and began to toy with it and it felt so good. I started to buck my rear end up and he called me a little slut for doing it.

He continued to rub my pussy and I knew I was going to cum. All of a sudden he smacked my bottom again five more times and then put his fingers back on my pussy to finish me off. I did indeed cum, and very hard. I felt dirty and bad, but also quite hot. He told me I was a good girl for taking my spanking without any back talk. I said I wanted to be a good girl for him, and he said I had been. I loved it.

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Office Boy

I never intended to blackmail anyone, but sometimes your last nerve gets worked and you really have no other choice than to wield your power accordingly. It’s hard not to at times. I was the boss at this one place I used to work at, and some of the employees were simply not pulling their weight and I had to let some go. I t did not give me pleasure to make anyone jobless, but if you aren’t doing your job, you’re gone. This one guy, one I had not even intended to fire, but he did not know this, he came and begged me not to let him go. I liked his looks and knew I could take advantage of the situation, so I did.

He really had no clue there was no way I was going to let him go and I could hear the panic in his voice. I told him unless he did what I wanted, he’d be the next to be let go. He said he’d do anything. I told him I’d broken up with my boyfriend a few weeks before and I was currently lacking a sexual partner and I wanted one. He said he’d be happy to do that. I demanded he get on the floor and crawl under the desk and service me orally. He was down on his knees pretty quickly pushing my skirt up.

I pulled the crotch of my panties to the side and gave his tongue access to my pussy and he flickered that tongue all over me until I was squirming in my chair. I was very pleased by his actions and willingness to do whatever it took. I guess he was simply afraid of losing his job and I was taking advantage of that, but sometimes that’s how it goes. I continue to use him whenever the mood strikes me.

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I Heard My Brother Fucking

Recently I stayed with my brother and his wife for a few days and I was in the room next to them. I found out they had very thin walls when the first night I could hear them fucking almost as clear as if we were in the same room together. I was laying in bed almost asleep when they began to go at it in the next room and I was soon wide awake and listening to their fairly loud sexual vocalizations. I was turned on in pretty short order and could not help myself from masturbating as I listened in.

I’d walked in on my brother masturbating once when we were teenagers and he saw me, but I just turned around and left and pretended I never saw anything, but I’d thought of that moment many times over the years. Sometimes I’d even masturbated as I thought of him with his cock in his hand stroking himself and I walked in. I saw how big it was and he sounded so horny and was breathing so hard. I remembered masturbating that very night I was so aroused by it, but it was never spoken of.

Now I heard him making sexy noises again and I couldn’t stop myself from reaching under the covers and rubbing myself wondering if he was good in bed and how it might feel to have his cock in my pussy. I knew I was a bad person for thinking such things, but I couldn’t stop myself. I was so horny as he fucked his wife and I heard every moan, every gasp of pleasure. I came on my hand and then flipped over on my knees and was rubbing my clit as it stuck out in that position, rubbing it hard and fast again as I made myself cum a second time and they finally finished.

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Hanging Out With Friends

When a friend of mine asked if I’d ever had a threesome, I was a bit curious as to why she was asking. I soon found out. The man she was seeing really wanted to try one and he liked me and I liked him as well, so she asked if I might consider such a thing. I was a bit shocked, but I found him attractive, as he did me as well, apparently. I told her the next day I’d do it. I had played with girls a few times, so playing with my pretty friend in a new and exciting way certainly did not bother me.

She told me she’d always found me appealing and that she was excited to bring our friendship to a new level like this. I told her I felt the same. So I went to her place that night and we all had some wine and things got steamy pretty quickly. I loved having this hot guy touch me and kiss me and we soon made our way to the bedroom, and we were all over one another. I laid on my back on the bed and she got on top of me and we did a sixty nine for a while until he came in from behind and slid his dick into her while I continued to work on her clit with my tongue.

I then saw him pull out that gorgeous cock and offer it to my mouth dripping with her juices. I loved this, it was so naughty, but I had a level of horniness in me this night I’d not had for ages. He fucked her and I licked her and she soon had his cum dripping on my mouth from her pussy above. I licked her clean, and it wasn’t long until he was hard again and it was my turn to get fucked. We carried on for hours, and I loved every minute of it.

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