Fuck My Ass

Not all women are into the backdoor action, but some of us like it just fine. One of the guys I’m seeing has always loved it and prefers it to pussy even, since it’s so much tighter. I find with a lot of lube and a lot of drinks beforehand, it can work out just fine. I was feeling horny last night and I’d gotten this new toy and it’s designed as a clit only toy not to be inserted or anything, so I promised my guy he could fuck my ass with me on all fours as I used this toy on myself.

He loved the idea of me playing with myself as he was working my ass. I turned on the toy and pushed it right up against my clit and it started its sucking action and I felt him begin to thrust and I was having a hell of a sensation down there due to the toy and his cock and I was really relaxing and getting into it. He said I never seemed to enjoy anal as much before, and I think it was the toy that made things more pleasurable. I was feeling his cock go in all the way and this toy was fastened around my hard, stiff clit, it felt incredible and I shuddered with pleasure when I came.

He said his whole cock was just trembling inside of me and my pussy contractions made his cock go off in my tight ass and I could feel him squirting inside of me. I just flattened out on my tummy and he withdrew out of me and I was breathless for a moment. It felt incredible. I think I’ve found my favorite toy and it will make anal sex a hell of a lot more fun now, so he will get it more.

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I Didn’t Know It Was My Brother

I was adopted and always told I was, so it was no secret. I moved away to college and met lots of fun people, but this guy that was at this keg party one night, there was just something different about him, but I really liked him and I knew he liked me as well. I had several one night stands in college, so I just assumed this would be one more. It turned out a little different though. We saw each other several times and the sex was always just great.

I loved sucking his cock and he fucked me better than any other guy ever had. He mentioned during one of our talks that he too was adopted and we started to talk about things and we came to the horrifying conclusion that we were actually brother and sister, born eleven months apart to a very young mother. We were very upset at this revelation, but neither of us wanted to stop fucking, so we just kept things to ourselves and said nothing to anyone and continued to have hot sex. The thought that my brother was fucking me and making me cum so hard just drove me wild and the sex was so intense.

We would practically rip the clothes off of one another when we got together, which was several nights per week. He would whisper in my ear how much he loved his sister and I would just cum on his cock so hard when he would say that. I was on the pill, so he would cum inside of me and the thought of my own brothers cum in my pussy, wow, there was nothing like it and not one of our friends had any clue who we really were to one another. It was so hot, and continued on for years.

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The Yard Man

Upon the advice of some of the ladies on my block in the new neighborhood I moved into, I took on this new yard man and they all raved about him. He did a nice job sure, but I didn’t quite understand what all the fuss was about until one day recently when he was here raking the first fallen leaves of the season. I invited him in afterwards to have a warm drink since it was a bit nippy out and he gratefully accepted.

We got to talking and he asked me if I had a man at all and I said no, so he asked me if there was anything else I’d like him to do other than yard work. I was beginning to pick up on what he was saying, even though he didn’t come right out and say it. Then the light bulb went off about what the other ladies had been talking about. You know what, I was going to give it a try, so I said yes, as a matter of fact, there was something that was being neglected, and that something was me. He was attractive and muscular from all the physical work, and he came up behind me and started to massage my breasts.

My nipples were soon hard and he was massaging them in his hands. I was soon laid back across the kitchen table and he was peeling my clothes off and burying his face between my legs and licking me like I hadn’t been licked in a long, long time and he was great at it. I was wetter than I’d ever been with that magic tongue of his all over my clit and sucking in my cunt lips. I was soon screaming in ecstasy and left breathless after several orgasms courtesy of his tongue. I could only imagine the other things we’d soon be doing.

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Polish My Knob

There have been a few times when callers said they weren’t crazy about blow jobs, but most as you can imagine are pretty hot for them and can never get enough. The “surprise blow job” seems to be a favorite of many men, the just because, like sending flowers to a woman, they are so touched to get such a treat when they weren’t expecting it. They many times love them so much, they honestly don’t even care who’s doing the sucking, even if it’s another guy, they just want a warm mouth around their cock, and a tongue to slither over it.

Some callers are even flexible enough to suck their own cocks, though very few. They have tried their best though to get their cock in their mouth. If a guy could suck his own dick, it would surely be hard to get them to do little else. Not many can, but there’s videos online and pics of some that can. They love to feel a woman take it as deep as she can down her throat, though if they have a little dick, there’s not a lot to suck. Guys that love to taste their own cum often want to kiss a woman when he’s blown his load in her mouth, a “snowball kiss”, it really turns some on.

So would you like a call with one of our gals talking about giving you a big, wet, sloppy blow job? We have lots of experience talking about all the naughty things we could do to your cock. Lapping at the head, sucking on your cum filled balls, taking as much of that shaft down our throats as we can, just waiting for our mouths to be filled with all that warm, gooey cum. You know you want it.

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The Allure of The Tranny

There’s no shortage of callers that confess to either fantasizing about being with a tranny or shemale, or ones that say they’ve actually been with one. Men in smaller cities or towns seem to have a much harder time than ones in large metropolitan areas, since there doesn’t seem to be too many trannies out in the sticks. They have to rely on porn they find online to satisfy their cravings unless they are literally willing to make a special trip to town to either see a tranny escort, or go looking for one in some bar.

There’s no guarantee of course even you go searching in bars that you might run into one, the escorts are limited, so many that fantasize will simply never get to have a real one due to them being harder to find and get than women. These men insist they are not gay, but they want a cock, seems an absurd argument, but they have their ideas about what it means to be gay, and a tranny to them means they aren’t.They crave the cum of another man, they are nearly always wanting to do the sucking of the tranny, not the other way around, they want the tranny to be the dominant party.

For some that crave something they will most likely never have, they are just in a state of longing their whole lives about it, but sometimes the reality will not meet up to the fantasy anyway, so perhaps some fantasies are best left in the mind and not brought forth into reality. Many will even call while sucking on toys they have and are pretending it’s a cock, that is actually quite common, they want to make it seem as real as possible, and if a toy is as close as they may get, they want to give it a shot.

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