A Spanking Between Friends

This friend of my father’s was going away on vacation and asked if I’d stop by his house a couple of times a day to feed and walk his dog, bring in the mail, turn on the lights, etc. He didn’t know what I did for work, he just knew I worked from home and had the freedom to do something like this and he was willing to pay me to do so, so I agreed. It was a bit of extra money for not much effort. I was at his home and just about to go when my phone rang and it was a business call, so I had to get the client off before continuing on home.

I didn’t hear the door behind me and he heard me talking all dirty and then when I finished the call and got up to leave, he was standing there, looking so shocked. He’d come home a day early and had heard me. He quickly put the pieces together and I laughed at it when he asked and I admitted yes, I did this for a job. He had money and he was always generous with it. He then asked if he could spank me. He was willing to pay me. He’d never have asked if he hadn’t heard me talk like I did. I said I wasn’t an escort, just phone. He said he understood and just wanted to spank me.

I agreed, since the bonus he said he’d give me was well worth a few swats on the rear. He sat on the sofa and told me to get over his knee. I did so. He pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and gave me a dozen good, hard smacks on the ass and they really stung. He apologized for hitting me so hard, but he placed a wad of cash on the coffee table in front of me and it more than made up for it. It was kind of an odd experience, and he said if I was willing he’d like to spank me again for money. I said I’d need to think about it, but it was easy money, so yes, it was going to happen. He just didn’t know that yet.

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Getting Close With My Friend

When I was in college the girl I shared my room with asked me if I ever played with girls. I was a bit shocked, and said no. She said I didn’t know what I was missing and she offered to show me. She convinced me to first begin masturbating in same room together, and I never even thought I’d something like that, but it was hot. Then things progressed from there. Within a month or so she asked me to try scissoring with her. I did not know how that would go. I’d seen it in porn, but didn’t know if I’d be able to get off to it.

I was able to after a bit of practice. If you’ve ever humped anything, or rubbed yourself against anything to cum, you can cum from scissoring. She then had us insert a double dildo as we did it for a whole new sensation and I liked it a lot. We were really bumping into one another and grinding. Our wet cunt lips were kissing one another and making these smacking sounds, it was kind of funny but did feel good. My clit was stiff, but it’s a tiny little one. Hers was larger and once I got positioned correctly, I was able to rub up against it like a tiny cock.

The double dildo was penetrating us both and I knew she was as aroused as I was. We did everything together. The other people in the dorm had no idea the sorts of things we did behind the closed door. We made one anther cum more nights than we didn’t. Callers love to hear about all kinds of naughty experiences like this when they call. It really gets their cocks hard to masturbate and hear about my past lesbian experiences.

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I Couldn’t Pay

I overspend at Christmas, many of us do, but I was already behind on my rent by a few months as it was. My landlord asked what exactly was stopping him from tossing me out of the street, since I’d not paid the last two months and I couldn’t pay now, either. I begged him to give me more time. I said I’d do anything he wanted to help pay for it. Do odd jobs, cook for him, clean for him. He said he had another idea rather than cooking or cleaning. I was afraid to find out, but I kind of guessed what he was going to say and I was right.

He said I could be his sex slave and he’d waive the rent owed. I really had no choice. He wasn’t a bad looking man, but I didn’t like him very much. He left and came back an hour later. He then tied me up and took out a sex toy and told me to get on my hands and knees and he said he was going to use it on me from behind. He said he was really huge and he thought warming me up with a sex toy might get me used to how large he was going to be. I was kind of afraid.

He eased the head of this sex toy into my pussy and he made sure to rub it on my clit as well, and honestly it didn’t feel bad. He was pushing it in further with each little thrust of it and I was getting used to it stretching me open a bit more each time he did it. Soon it was in all the way and he reached underneath me and began to rub my clit as he fucked me with the toy. He did make me cum, and then he told me to suck his cock, and he was right, it was pretty big. I knew this was just the beginning of what he was going to make me do to pay off my rent.

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Romantic Christmas Revisited

Sometimes when you go to parties around the holidays you can run into people you haven’t seen since the year before and old feelings can come back pretty quickly and at times that can be inconvenient. I was at a party of my friends last week and saw a guy I’d seen the year before and I thought it was going well, then he ghosted me. Men can be such pricks. He came over to me and apologized and said it hadn’t been me, it was him. Things had changed for him and he wondered if I might give him a second chance.

Against my better judgment, I agreed to. I liked him too much not to even though he’d treated me shabbily. Common thing for women to feel that way.So every night for the last week we’ve been seeing one another and the sex is even better than I remembered it. His cock takes me to places that no others ever have. He just has a certain way about him in bed, can read my emotions and libido better than anyone ever has, that’s why it hurt so much when he disappeared.

I love how he licks my pussy, I nearly faint with delight as he sucks on my clit and flitters his tongue all over it until I’m a panting, moaning bitch in heat for him and his dick. He likes to fuck me with my legs over his shoulders to get extra deep inside of me and I swear I can literally feel his cock head touch my cervix he fucks me so hard with that long, stiff dick of his. I cum all over his cock and leave it all creamy, and then I love to lick it off and be a very dirty girl, tasting my own juices and his. He loves it. I hope he sticks around this time.

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The Hot Roommate

I didn’t set out to cheat, I guess most people never do, but things happen and we end up in a situation we didn’t think we would. I always liked my boyfriend’s roommate, and it turns out he liked me too as well. My boyfriend was late, yet again, I’d gone over to his place to make dinner for us. His roommate was out of town for the night so we’d have privacy. I was about to get dressed when I heard the key in the lock and I thought he was home. I went out and it wasn’t him, it was his roommate. His business trip had ended early. Not five minutes later I got a call from my boyfriend saying he had to stay late at work. I was very disappointed.

I asked the roommate if he’d like to eat with me, since apparently I was being brushed off for work. He said yes. We had a nice dinner and I thought I was going to be headed home, but he asked me to stay and have a drink, which turned into several drinks. We were soon kissing and touching on the sofa. He then picked me up and carried me to his bedroom and stripped me down. I did not resist. He was good looking and I always liked him, I didn’t know how much until this very moment though.

He kissed me with great depth and passion and was soon rubbing my dripping pussy. I took his large cock in my mouth and was sucking his rock hard shaft until he blew in my mouth. I was then pinned down to the bed and felt his large once hard again cock slide into me and he fucked me better than I’d been fucked in years. I know I shouldn’t have allowed it to happen, but I just wanted some attention and he was great in bed. I hope my boyfriend doesn’t find out, but I think we will be playing again soon.

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