Hot Times in the Hot Tub

Lots of people have sex and masturbate in a hot tub. I was in one recently with a few friends and one of them had brought a friend I hadn’t met before. of course when the bubbles are going at full tilt, you cannot see under the water. I had a feeling this new guy though was masturbating under the water. It came up to all of our shoulders practically, so it’s not like his arm was doing the tell tale pumping up and down, but just the expression on his face, the slight motion of his shoulder, I had a feeling.

I looked over at him and he gave me this kind of knowing smile. I wasn’t sure what to do, I didn’t want to say anything to the hostess in case I was wrong, and then I’d look like an idiot for saying something. I guess I will never really know if he was stroking his cock under the water or not, but I think he was. When he got in, there was a bulge in his swimming trunks. I’d noticed that, and that’s what gave me the idea he had more than a soak in mind.

Later on, he asked me if I’d noticed he was masturbating, and I looked at him wide eyed and said I knew what he’d been doing under the water and he laughed. He said his cock was really big and he’d love to show me. Why not, this party was boring anyway, so we went into a nearby empty rooma nd he took it out, it was impressive, I’ll give him that much. I still wouldn’t have masturbated in a hot tub filled with other people, but hey, sometimes horniness takes over and rules above common sense.

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The Marvelous Toy

I’ve never much been one for sex toys, I find they give the equivalent to a woman of a ruined orgasm in a man. Many women love them, and literally cannot achieve an orgasm without a sex toy, but I really couldn’t care less about them. Until a few weeks ago when my boyfriend brought one home he’d read about online and he wanted to see if I’d like it any better than a traditional vibe. I can cum from a vibe, I just have always found it’s a much poorer orgasm than by fingers.

This was not your ordinary sex toy, it was designed to suck your clit. We laid in bed one night and he had me lay back with my legs open and just let him try this thing on me and within minutes I exploded like I never have before. A few minutes later I was ready to go again. This time he wanted to be fucking me doggy style using the toy on my clit at the same time, it was sheer heaven. I don’t know how I managed without this toy before, but I don’t ever want to be without one again.

The sucking, the pressure, it’s incredible, and he said my contractions while I was using it were even more intense on his cock than they normally are, so he was a fan of the sex toy as well. I think he’s a bit worried I might turn to the toy more than him because of the intensity, but no one and no item can replace him, but it’s a wonderful addition to our bedroom repertoire, and I look forward to many more orgasms with it and him!

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While You Were Sleeping

Sometimes you just have to wonder about people and how they can be so selfish at the expense of other, more vulnerable individuals. A man called this week and said he’d gone repeatedly to visit a family member in the hospital that was in a coma, such a horrible situation. Then he shared that the reason he was visiting her was because once he was left alone with her, he’d slip his hand under the covers and feel her pussy and he wondered if he could make an unconscious person have an orgasm. You really never know what you’re going to be dealing with when you answer the phone.

I can honestly say in all the years of calls, I’d never heard anything even remotely like this. There was a man that felt up his sister when she was in a deep sleep, that’s the only thing that comes close at all, but it’s a bit disconcerting that people would do such things to someone that was not in a position to decline them. Some are truly despicable people. So he’d sit at the side of the bed and be rubbing her pussy with one hand as he stroked his cock with the other.

I’m sure the nurses who were right outside the room had no clue what was happening every time this man came to visit. He said he felt guilty about it, yet he couldn’t stop himself from doing it, and it was ongoing. I didn’t know what to say other than stop doing it. Having the ultimate power over another person can be very intoxicating for someone, hence why some men will slip drugs into a girls drink and then have their way with her.

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Decorate Your Genitals For Christmas

I’ve shaved off my pubic hair for over twenty years, my boyfriend has never seen me with hair down there, so a couple of months ago he asked me if I’d grow it out just for him, I could shave again for Valentine’s Day. I was hesitant to do so, it’s kind of bugging me already, and I have seven more weeks until Valentine’s Day and my shave, but I figured it’s not much to ask, so I might as well go whole hog and decorate it for the holidays as well. There’s decorations for everything these days, for every single part you can jazz it up to some degree.

I was laughing so hard as I applied Christmas decorations to my pussy. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say or type, and yet it happened! Needless to saw he loved my efforts. I told him he could help remove it when the time came since the glue they were stuck on with was semi matted in the growing back hair, he happily agreed and after he removed them, he got a warm, wet washcloth and cleaned the glue off of the pubic hair, and then proceeded to go down on me with much enthusiasm.

I love having my pussy eaten, and it had been decades since anyone had done that with hair on it. I was trying not to think about it, but he swore he didn’t mind, since he asked me to grow it back in the first place. His expert tongue over my clit, licking it and teasing it, driving me wild with the tongue lashing until I was writing underneath him begging him to go faster so I’d cum. It will be a Christmas to remember. The holiday I decorated my crotch and regrew my pubic hair!

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Weekend Trip

I’m normally someone that doesn’t cheat when I’m in a relationship, but recently I had to go away to a weekend seminar for work and had the perfect opportunity arise to cheat on my boyfriend. The hotel the seminar was in was a gorgeous place in the South West, warm, peaceful, and several good looking men at the resort. There was another man at the conference that caught my eye immediately and we spent the day together at the same table listening to the speakers and then had lunch together. Then he asked me to join him for dinner, and after that we went back to his hotel room.

I didn’t say no, I was away, my boyfriend would never know. He actually called my phone when I was in the room of this other man and I told him I was tired and going to be turning in early. Little did he know I was about to bed down with another man. I felt naughty for being a slut like this, but it was what I wanted to do at the time, and I did. He told me he loved to lick pussy and that he was good at it, I soon found out how good. I grabbed the pillow to put over my face to muffle my screams of ecstasy as his tongue flickered across my glistening wet pussy and my twitching clit. I was in sheer heaven.

He didn’t even ask me to return the favor, he then climbed on top of me and began to fuck me, pinning my wrists above my head and treating me like his submissive whore, and I loved every minute of it. My poor boyfriend was likely jerking off alone to porn while he thought I was asleep and in fact I was getting the best fuck I’d had in the last five years in a hotel across the country. We spent the next night together as well, and by chance found out we are both going to be at another convention in the spring, so I’m looking forward to meeting up with this guy then.

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