Give My Sexy Feet That Cock

Whenever my boyfriend comes home with a present of a new pair of stockings for me, I know what that means, it means I’m going to be giving him a foot job while wearing the new stockings. He loves to feel my sensuous feet curl around his cock and give him a nice release with my stocking covered feet. Black stockings or pantyhose especially, so the little drops of cum are all the more visible on them. Drives him crazy.

I always keep my feet nice for him, a fresh pedicure every week and glistening red nail polish, since sometimes he likes a foot job with bare feet as well, and the drops of cum look extra sexy on the red painted toenails. I’m lucky I’ve got flexible feet and toes and give wonderful foot jobs. He keeps his cock and balls nicely shaved for me, so no gross hair to get in the way of my searching toes.

I lube up my tender tootsies and get to work, stroking up and down and all over the head of his cock. He just shudders in delight as I grasp his shaft firmly and pump it in quick, firm strokes and then he will squirt that load all over the feet and calves of the stockings covering my feet and toes. He adores giving me lots of foot massages, so I really can’t complain about it. Many times one of those massages will lead into a foot job and I will reach my foot over to his crotch and wiggle my toes over the bulge in his jeans and soon he’s unzipping it and it’s springing to life and ready for my foot and toes attentions. Then he tells me how glad he is I have pretty feet, and not some gnarled, ugly feet and toes like so many other women are cursed with, and we laugh.

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Things Got Hot At The Gym

Recently I signed up to a new gym in the area and wanted to take full advantage of the facilities and was checking out all the different exercise classes and I had no idea what close and personal attention one of the trainers gave the people that worked out there, but I soon found out. I’d taken gymnastics in high school and had always been more flexible than normal, several boyfriends had been grateful for this little fact. I wanted to see how flexible I was after all these years, and after a spinning class I asked the trainer to help me see.

She and I were alone in the room and she helped me get into position on the exercise mat and I told her the routines I used to do and she positioned me and lifted my legs back and once I was in the old position again, I was shocked to feel her hand caress my pussy over my leotard. It felt really good, honestly. That position makes your clit stand out and I was a bit stiff after not doing that for so many years, but I was able to do it and then to feel her hand on my pussy, oh my, it was wonderful.

She rubbed my lips through the leotard and just rubbed them back and forth and soon I was wanting skin against skin, and just as though she’d been reading my mind, her fingers slipped inside the edges of the leg holes and found my cunt already wet, and she started to toy with my clit. It was an awkward position to try and have an orgasm in, but I knew if she continued, I would. I was moaning and knew I was getting closer, and all of a sudden I came and she continued to rub me through the orgasm. I caught my breath and she slowed down and then stopped. She said she was glad to help me get back into my exercise routine, and I was sure glad she’d helped!

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Hot Night At Home

My boyfriend is one of the best lovers I’ve ever had, not that I’ve been with tons of guys, but he’s got the skills and knows how to push all of my buttons. His specialty is going down on my pussy. I could let him stay down there for hours the way he goes down on my cunt. I love how he teases my clit and slides his fingers into me. He loves for me to wear sexy lingerie and he likes to kiss down my stomach on his way to my juicy cunt.

I like sucking on his cock just as much, his pre cum is so sweet it tastes like candy almost, and I love to bring him to the brink of orgasm as many times as possible to get him so excited when I finally let him cum. Swirling my tongue all over the head of his hard cock gets me as wet almost as when he goes down on me. I love feeling his throbbing shaft in my mouth and how he just oozes that sweet pre cum on my lips as I suck him so hungrily.

Once I’m dripping and he’s hard as a rock, then he gets me on the bed and slides that cock right into my dripping pussy and I writhe underneath him as my cunt milks his cock as far into me as it will go. I love how it glides against my clit until I can’t stand it anymore and I cum all over his dick and clench down on it as he shoots his load into me and I can feel every squirt of his liquid love go off within me. I look forward to every single time we fuck.

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I Fucked The Teacher

Sometimes if we wait long enough and are patient enough, we can get what we really want. For all through high school I wanted to fuck one of my teachers, he was handsome and witty and I fantasized about fucking him as I masturbated for years. I wondered if he thought of me as well that way, but of course he wouldn’t risk his job and do anything about it, but after I graduated and was eighteen, I knew there was nothing standing in my way or that could get him into trouble.

I’d researched him, I knew where he lived and one night I went right up to his door and made my proclamation of desire to him right on his doorstep and I knew as soon as he invited me in, he had to feel the same way. Within minutes we were naked and rolling around on his bed and he said yes, he’d fantasized about fucking me for years but had to wait until the timing was right and that timing was right now and as he kissed me and plunged his cock into me.

I ran my fingers through his hair and wrapped my legs around him and ran my hands over every inch of his body and it was exactly as I’d imagined it would be. I loved every minute of it, and from the way he made love to me, I knew he’d been looking forward to this as much as I was, and he told me it was often difficult to hold back when he’d wanted me so badly, but we were finally getting our moment now and I hoped we’d be able to continue seeing one another. He licked my pussy and made me cum and cum and then we fucked again until morning, both exhausted, but satisfied.

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Stolen Panties For Your Cock

One of the things so many men call about is their fetish for panties. Yes, many are into wearing women’s panties, but a lot are just into taking the panties of someone and masturbating with them. A caller last night said he had been invited to dinner at a friend’s house when he was younger and while he was there he snuck into the mother’s bedroom and took a pair of her panties, quickly jerked off into them and then put them back. Another time when he was in someone’s home during an open house, he took some from the one bedroom. He said he actually frequents open houses to simply gain access to people’s bedrooms and then take panties pretty easily.

He’s stolen countless panties for nearly fifty years now, everyone from neighbors hanging them on clotheslines, to going into the laundromats and hoping to get an unattended machine the can possibly fish a pair of panties from. He got very excited once when doing his laundry and someone had left behind a pair of panties in the machine and he kept them, so he decided that was a good spot to have access to more panties.

Another time he was visiting a relative and took a pair while he was in their house and then stuffed them in his pocket and sat down to dinner with the family with the panties stuffed in his pocket, it gave him a real thrill to do that. It’s amazing the risks that some of these panty perverts take all in their quest for more panties to masturbate with. Once he was on a train and most of the people were sleeping and the luggage was kept towards the front of the train and he was standing right there and opened a suitcase and took a pair out of the bag. Imagine the person going to later find the panties they knew they had packed and then they were gone. They’d never know what happened to them.

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