Naughty Nurse Fantasies

The naughty nurse gets a lot of action in the world of men’s sexual fantasies. One called last night that wanted me to be the nurse, checking his vitals before the doctor came in and wouldn’t you know, he had been having trouble coming to orgasm. He was able to get hard, but was often left frustrated and not able to complete. Of course as a nurse that’s dedicated her life to helping others, I needed to get to the bottom of this most troublesome dilemma. I was determined to help him cum to see if in fact he could.

So he began to masturbate in front of me, showing me how getting erect was no problem, but being able to finish, well, he really could only do that with help, not alone. So I volunteered to take over the stroking of his cock and it worked like a charm. I even allowed him to look at my breasts and feel them, getting him more and more turned on. Then he asked if I’d use my mouth on him, he thought that might be the thing that was able to finally get him to cum. I agreed.

I moved my mouth onto the head of his cock and started to move my tongue around it and lick the precum off and wiggle it around the hole. He loved that and shivered when I did that. I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing it down further and I was really gagging on it and I knew he was going to be able to cum and it wasn’t long until I had a mouthful of his cum and swallowed it. I then told him he didn’t seem to be having any trouble ejaculating today and wrote it all down in his file. The doctor came in soon afterwards and was pleased with my helping the patient.

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The Birthday Party

I went to a birthday party recently and it was kind of a naughty one. There was even a cummed on cake we all ended up sharing. There were three women and two men, and we were all having the cum of one of them, even the other guy. We had a feeling it was kind of going to be a naughty party, and it was. There was group sex at the end of it, we didn’t want the birthday boy to be disappointed. He said he wanted all of us to sample his cum, we all had at least once before as it was, both the guys there were bi, and the women were all sluts, so it wasn’t that far of a stretch, considering we’d all slept with one another at some point.

He said he wanted to masturbate for us all and he’d saved up a weeks worth of cum, and then he shot it on the cake and voila, there it was, a whole different kind of cream topping. After we all had some of the cummed on cake, things started to get naughty, we were all naked, half drunk, and started to fool around with one another.

The birthday boy got his cock sucked by all of us for a few moments, it was like musical chairs, just with his dick as the prize, so we didn’t know who was going to get the mouthful of jizz, but one of the lucky ladies did and she even stuck out her tongue to show us all before swallowing. It was a fun time had by all. If only all birthdays ended up so satisfying for all the guests!

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Hot Sex Under Water

My boyfriend and I recently went away for a week to a beach resort and he was so keen to try sex under water. I wasn’t really wanting to, but I said I’d go along with it, and I ended up having a good time. When we got to the pool there were some people in it, but we waited until everyone left and then we started to fool around, and everyone else had gone in for the evening, and it was getting dark, so we had even more privacy. I was stroking his cock under the water and he was as hard as a rock.

He was toying with my clit and he pushed me up against one of the side of the pool water jets to let the water pulse over my clit, which really did feel fantastic. I was plenty horny when he asked if I was ready to have his hard cock inside of me and he eased it in and slowly started to go back and forth. I was totally under the water and he grabbed my hips and just didn’t let go. I was loving the feel of the water over my skin, and the way he was fucking me. The buoyancy was a different sensation than you’re used to and it was all quite sensual.

I was feeling my clit get rubbed by his cock with every thrust he was making, and it didn’t take me long to get pushed over that orgasmic edge and cum, and he shot his load inside of me and we were soon resting at the edge of the pool, panting, and just feeling our bodies tingle after having a wonderful under water orgasm. I recommend everyone try this kind of sex at least once, you will likely enjoy it a lot.

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Mommy Was My First

There was a caller the other night with a story about how mommy taught him everything he ever learned about sex. I think he was just fantasizing the entire thing, as most do, but he wanted to make it sound like it really happened, of course. He said his mom had started to touch him when he was very young, and this continued until he left for college and when I asked where she was now and if he ever saw her, of course he said she moved away when he left for college and she’d never been seen or heard from again. How convenient for the little story, lol.

His father of course had no idea that sonny boy and mommy were getting it on right under his nose, of course, and he was taught how to masturbate, how to lick pussy, how his cock was sucked and fucking, and of course mommy never made her little boy wear a condom, so it was extra exciting wondering if this was the month that he knocked mommy up. Of course it never happened, she never got pregnant, and daddy never found out about any of it.

So many men wish that their mom’s could have been the one to teach them everything about sex. How it could have made everything more exciting, having a sexual partner right there under their own roof that they could have fucked at any time. Very handy, and daddy always seems to either not be home very much, or just clueless about everything that’s going on. Of course when I asked if he’d ever told any girlfriends about it, the answer was no, he didn’t tell them that his mommy was the first woman he’d made love to. It all sounds so bizarre, but lots of callers have fantasies like this and try and convince you it all really happened.

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Embarrassing The Teacher

The other night a caller revealed an embarrassing story. He said he was a teacher in a fairly small town, and when he had to go to the hospital for an operation, many former students were working there in some capacity or another and ones that he had failed loved to get back at him by embarrassing him. One that was now a nurse he’d failed and when it came time to take his temperature, wouldn’t you know it, the electronic thermometer wasn’t working, so she’d have to take his temperature rectally instead, how cringe worthy!

Then another one that had to give him a sponge bath after his operation blushed when she saw the size of his cock and he joked around with her about her blushing, the tales went on and on. Of course I’m sure 99% of it was all in his imagination, but he had quite the elaborate fantasy all created about how all these former students were going to finally get the chance to make him squirm after all the things he’d done to them.

It’s sort of a reverse revenge fantasy, we all have revenge fantasies, but he was the one that wanted to be the one getting it taken out on him. We all have different themes to our fantasies, what it is that gets us off, and some do like to imagine being embarrassed, men into small penis humiliation love to get embarrassed, or relate tales of how they have been embarrassed in the past. Many teachers no doubt have a thing for some of their students they cannot act upon, so they likely fantasize about being able to, this was just sort of a different twist on that theme. Lord knows it is humiliating having some things done to you in the hospital, but to have them carried out by people we once had power over but no longer do and now they have the power, would of course be extra embarrassing.

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