Fucking in The Library

Recently it became knowledge that a porno was shot in a public library in California, but people have been having sex in the library for a long time. There’s plenty of areas where you have a lot of privacy and where there’s long stretches of time between when a librarian is walking around and checking on the visitors. Especially if one of the people having said sex is the librarian in question, there’s little chance of being reprimanded for it. A friend of mine is a librarian and she’s told me many times how she and various boyfriends would have a quickie in the stacks.

She’s also seen others fucking as well, but never gotten them in trouble. She gave many a knowing wink and went on her way. I think it kind of turns her on knowing others are doing it as well. I’ve never been quite that brave to do so, but she’s nearly gotten caught by coworkers and superiors a few times, but so far has evaded getting caught. Her boyfriends love the risk and that she’s willing to be so naughty at work. I tell her she’s risking her job, but she feels she will never get caught.

Last week she went without panties for easy access, and he boyfriend stopped by and they went in a quiet back corner and there were not many people in the library, so she bent over, lifted her skirt and they fucked fro around three minutes then they came and she continued on with her shift like nothing had happened. She’s wondered if some of the college students have seen her do it, since some have given her the thumbs up and smiled for no reason. They likely have, but I doubt they will be telling her bosses. She’s seen some of them masturbating under the tables as well. Who knew libraries were such horny places?

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Blowing The Plumber

My friend was telling me her shower had a plumbing issue last week, but she didn’t have any money to get it fixed. She’d used a plumber before she liked, but she wasn’t sure if he’d go for fun in exchange for services rendered. She figured it couldn’t hurt to ask, so she did. She asked him to come over and give an estimate of the cost to fix the issue and it was around a hundred dollars, but she told him she just didn’t have it, but would he be willing to “work something out”? She gave him a telling smile and said she’d be really grateful if he was agreeable.

It was his own business, so there would be no boss to get in trouble with. He said sure, so he came by after he was finished the rest of his jobs, fixed the shower and then he stripped down and turned the water on and called for her to come and join him. She climbed in and got down on her knees to suck his hard cock. He said he’d had a really hard day and she really needed to do a good job. She promised she would.

She told me how big of a dick he had and how sucking him off made her pussy wet. She deep throated as much as she could and he placed his hand on the back of her head and really fucked her mouth good. She got it all sloppy wet and played with his balls as she sucked him down her throat. She was soon rewarded for her efforts with a mouthful of his hot cum, and then they washed off in the shower together. She said it was well worth it. She got her shower fixed and she had fun besides. Sometimes it pays to offer workmen an alternative form of payment.

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He Visited a Sex Doll Bordello

Some callers are just not good with women in real life. They know they will strike out, so they don’t even bother anymore, they have even given up on escorts or will not go to ones in many cases. Sex doll bordellos are becoming a thing in some cities. They visit just like it was a regular bordello, but none of the “women” are real. They are all silicone dolls they will be renting for a few hours. Some are actual bordellos, there are also rent a doll services that will deliver the doll to your home and pick it up the next day and they clean it as well.

A caller was telling me he was considering buying his very own sex doll, but since the really high end ones are thousands of dollars, so he went to a bordello a few weeks ago to try one out first before making such a large investment in the doll. He loved it, he said it felt better than some women he’d really been with in the past. He’s been targeted by golddiggers in the past and has had it with women, but he does miss the touch of a woman.

Now a doll is certainly not the same thing, but it is a much more intense masturbation experience than just your hand or a Fleshlight is. He ordered one the day after his visit and she just arrived yesterday and he was telling me all about his excitement as he was uncrating her. He was going to christen her tonight and give her a whirl. He got the deluxe model and was very happy he decided to go through with it. He will be calling me tomorrow to tell me how good of a fuck she really is. I do hope he enjoys her after all he paid. A sex doll or phone sex can absolutely enhance your masturbation experience.

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They Used The Fleshlight Together

A caller was telling me he was masturbating with a Fleshlight, nothing too weird there. I’ve had countless callers tell me the same thing, however he was sharing it with his brother. I didn’t really know what to say. I wondered why they didn’t chip in and buy a second unit so they each had their own first off. I’m sure when people are kids or teens they might masturbate with a sibling, but how many adult men are still doing this with their brothers? Sharing a sex toy as well? Isn’t that kind of gross and unsanitary? He said they were passing it back and forth, taking a few pumps, then passing it back.

Now maybe this was all his fantasy, I cannot say I actually heard another person there on the call in the background, so perhaps it was all in his head, but a little odd for a sexual fantasy. People do have odd ideas though. No idea if they had wives or girlfriends, but if they did, surely the ladies would not be impressed by this example of family togetherness. He said it was already full of cum…Can You imagine sticking your dick in a toy filled with your brothers cum? Sloppy seconds from a sex toy.

Hey, if that’s what floats your boat, by all means, go for it. I’m sure there’s much sicker things than this being done, but I can honestly say in the nearly twelve years I’ve been in this business, brothers sharing a sex toy and getting off on a call is a first for me. Maybe by next year they will have saved enough pennies to get a second one. Though I kind of have the feeling it’s just some weird thing, they likely have the funds to buy another, it’s the doing it like this that gets them off. Now there was a guy that said he and his identical twin had sex, but this is a bit different.

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He Said He Was Sorry

Lots of men cheat, that’s just how they are, some however are sorry they did (when caught anyway) and come back to you with flowers, or an expensive gift promising to never again stray. If they are sorry and women think they are sincere, many will forgive them and give them a second chance. Do not however be surprised if they repeat their mistake. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. One such caller was telling me about his recent romantic night with his girlfriend and their hot makeup sex. She’d kicked him to the curb a couple of months before when she found out about him and her best friend hooking up behind her back.

He said he showed up with roses and a romantic catered dinner and champagne and she seemed receptive to his overtures. He said she invited him in, and the people catering the meal set up, and they ate and then he gave her a lovely and expensive necklace she’d admired and then they went to the bedroom and hours of hot sex followed. He said he made sure his pussy licking skills were top notch that night, since he wanted to make her feel wonderful.

The night was all about her, he didn’t ask for a blow job, he just pleasured her from midnight until nearly dawn. Making love to her exactly as she preferred and he made her very happy. We all know however you can get along fabulously with someone in the bedroom, but things can be falling apart otherwise, but she said she’d give him another shot. He’s called for years, and I’ve heard this same story with several different girlfriends he’s been though. I’d stake my life it’s just a matter of time until he cheats again and the relationship is ended and the entire pattern will begin again with a new woman. Oh well, some people never learn.

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