Stranger in The Sauna

I moved to a new condo building recently and one of the features it has for the residents along with an indoor pool is a steam room and sauna. I’ve been trying them out and it seems most of the residents do not take advantage of these features at all. It’s been totally deserted every time I’ve gone. The building is mostly older people, and most don’t seem to have an interest in them. More privacy and room for me. So I was in the sauna last week, totally alone, and enjoying the heat and my thoughts when the door opened, startling me.

I looked and there was a stranger. I hadn’t seen him before, but I hadn’t seen most of the residents before. I’d pretty much kept to myself and most others seemed to keep to themselves as well. He was a good looking man with a terrific build, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. He smiled and nodded without saying anything and sat down to enjoy the heat. Then I was a bit shocked when he removed the towel, exposing his rather large cock. He said he hoped I didn’t mind. I didn’t, and said so. I took my towel off as well, and soon things turned naughty.

I complimented his body and his cock and he started to stroke in front of me. I got down off my bench and went towards him and sat down beside him and reached over and began to stroke his cock for him. He was as hard as a rock and I soon bent over and took him in my mouth and licked the tip of his cock and then took him down my throat. He placed his hand on the back of my head and I deep throated him. I was soon bent over and getting fucked from behind, as the heat made us sweat and it ran down our bodies. Fuck it was hot, literally and figuratively. We both soon came very hard and then soon left. I will have to make sure to stop by that sauna more often, it’s a fun place.

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On Call Sex Slave

My boss knew I was hurting for money recently when he offered me something I didn’t expect. He told me he’d double my salary overnight, but there was a catch. I would have to be his on demand sex slave. He could call me up at three in the morning and I’d have to come to him. I would be summoned while at work into his office and drop to my knees. There would be no warning, and there would be a lot of ball draining. Was I interested and up to the task? I really wasn’t in a position to say no. I thought of all the bills I had, how much money I owed, and I couldn’t pass it up, not until I was all caught up in any case.

I was told to stay late after work that first night. I liked my boss, and he was a nice looking man, recently divorced and not wanting the restrictions of a relationship. Sex on demand would suit his needs and I would reap the financial benefits. I was quite shocked when I saw the size of his cock, it was larger than I’d expected. I was told to get on my knees and suck it. I did my best, and it was not a bad chore with such a nice sized cock. I slurped away on it and honestly felt myself getting wet as I did, but didn’t let him in on that fact.

I massaged his balls and swirled my tongue around the head of his girthy shaft. I could tell from his breathing he liked the way I gave head. He placed his hand on the back of my head and really pushed it down, gagging me with his cock and he moaned loudly as he came, in several large squirts down my throat. I licked him clean then went and cleaned myself up. I had a feeling this might work out just fine for us both.

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Family Fun – The More The Merrier

One caller that’s into family fun likes to take it to a whole different level. Mom is of course popular and part of his fantasy, but he wants dad and granny too! It always starts with him and mom and then mom asking dad to come in and watch, and then granny wants her grandson. He likes the hairy pussy grandma has with all the gray pubes. (Hey, lots of guys are into that, the pubes thing.) He likes the idea of dad either fucking his ass or licking his ass as he fucks mom or licks her pussy. Full family involvement.

Granny of course has lots of experience and loves to fuck her son and grandson. Maybe even she can have dad’s cum licked out of her by grandson. He just goes wild envisioning such fantasies of the family fucking one another in a large king sized bed. Everyone fucking, licking and slurping up one another’s leavings. Not too many callers over the years have shown an interest in their own dad’s, but once in a blue moon you get a caller that is into the idea. Grandma makes an appearance more frequently than dad does, but you really do get all family combinations that are an interest to someone or other.

Does family fun interest you? Have you had previous experiences you’d love to tell one of our phone sex ladies about or have us talk about a long held fantasy of yours involving one of your family members? There’s always lots to talk about when it comes to sex and fantasies, and that’s why we are here, to help you explore that hidden and secret world you might be too embarrassed or ashamed about to share with your wife or girlfriend. We won’t be sharing what we know, your naughty secret desires are safe with us.

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Love Swats

My current boyfriend wasted no time after we met to see if I’d be open to the possibility of being spanked. He asked if I’d ever had a boyfriend spank me before and if so, had I liked it. I told him I didn’t really have any experience with it, but I was open to try. That I’d seen the Fifty Shades of Grey movies and they’d aroused me. He asked me the night we first slept together if he could give me a light spanking. I think he was going out of way to be overly gentle, they were barely taps.

The next time I told him he could be a bit more firm and we decided what strength of spank was right for us. I kind of look forward to him spanking me before we have sex and him asking me if I’ve been a bad girl. Many times he pulls down my panties and after spanking me, he slips a couple of fingers between my ass cheeks down to my clit and plays with it, and of course I’m dripping wet while he does so and get off nicely. Then he flips me over onto the bed and he fucks me.

Sometimes we will fuck doggy style and he will spank me as he fucks me, I swear I always cum so hard that way. I love my tits swinging back and forth and my ass getting a good smack several times. Usually hard enough to leave some hand prints for a few hours. He even got a paddle for me, but I haven’t been brave enough yet to let him use it on me yet. His hand has been my only punisher until now. I wonder what he’s got up his sleeve next for us? I’m sure it will be fun for us both.

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Lazy Afternoon

One thing many of us are having these days with the lockdown is many lazy afternoons. Years ago there was a daytime drama promotion “Love in the Afternoon”, it was a great promotion for the soaps. Lots of love in the afternoons now with ones home from work and able to fuck their partners, and ones masturbating a lot more than usual as well. One man last week said “there’s nothing else to do”, and he’s been beating off four times a day he estimates. Who knew quarantines would lead to such active masturbation habits!?

I was relaxing with my shelter in place lover and we were talking and touching and he suddenly had me lean back into him and his hand went down my panties and began to rub my pussy, making it become rather wet rather quickly. It just felt wonderful to let him deliver me all this pleasure. His hand on my breast caressing it, teasing my pussy and I just laid there and luxuriated in his expert touch. I swear he knows my body as well as his own. He knows what I like and how I like it. The feel of his fingertips exploring my pussy and my clit had me dripping and my clit standing at attention at his sensual administrations.

Just loving how he touched me and that time was no object and we could play as much as we liked to. No deadlines, nowhere to be. I cannot say I haven’t enjoyed this respite from real life demands. I’ve had more sex in the last six weeks than in many years. It’s been hot and plentiful. After he rubbed my pussy to several orgasms, I returned the favor by stroking his hard cock until he shot his load. A touch can be a powerful thing.

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