Ride Like The Wind

One of the favorite sexual positions of me and my boyfriend is the female superior position. I love to ride him. I can control the depth and how his cock rubs against my clit and of course since the one on top is pretty much doing al the work, he loves it. He just looks up and sees me bouncing and gyrating on top of him, my titties bouncing freely, what’s not to love? So I got some sexy new lingerie last night and brought it over to his place to slip into it before we began to fuck and I knew he’d love it and he loved it so much he actually wanted me to keep the panties on as we fucked and he just pulled the crotch over to one side.

I could feel his fingers exploring my panty covered pussy and he loves to tease me over the fabric. I knew he’d love the texture of the material they were made from, and he did. I could feel the heat of his cock as he brought it towards my wet pussy lips and he lifted the crotch over to one side and popped the head of dick into the my cunt lips and then I just sank down onto him and felt the cock go all the way in easily and I slowly started to rise and fall on it.

He reached up and caressed my breasts and made my nipples hard and I could feel the way my stiff clit was rubbing against his hard cock and my juices making his shaft more and more slick with each rise and fall of my pussy down onto him. I picked up my pace as I continued to ride him and he grabbed me by the hips and bucked upwards to meet me and soon we both came, I did a few seconds before him and that f course triggered him. Those new panties were sure worth the investment.

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Say “The Soles of My Feet”

Most people have ugly, gross feet. Some ladies however are lucky enough to have lovely feet and there are absolutely men out there who adore feet and toes above all else. One caller that I’ve heard from quite a bit in the past few weeks is quite into foot fetish and likes the words repeated over and over, as some do, he loves things like, “the soles of my bare feet” said over and over for several minutes and he’s just in a state of ecstasy as it’s said back to him.

Feet can hold an amazing amount of appeal to ones into foot fetish. The thought of them running over their body, or smelling them, licking them, sucking on the toes, the look of them in certain types of shoes, it drives them into a masturbatory frenzy like nothing else. The porn they watch is usually about feet, foot jobs, feet with beautiful pedicures. Summertime is their favorite time of the year, since of course there’s feet on display in flip flops and sandals, possibly even no shoes at all at the beach.

He had this fantasy about walking in a park and seeing a lady sitting there eating her lunch and reading a book on her lunch hour, her bare feet up and exposed, and he comes walking on by and sees the bottoms of her bare feet and is soon so aroused he’s dripping precum in his pants and soon shoots a load in his pants without even so much as a finger on his cock. The sight of the feet alone is enough to get him to ejaculate, and of course she notices this and likes the attention and she invites him back to her place so she can get to know him better. Only to a man could they think a woman would invite them back for getting to know them, in reality they’d be flagging down a cop and reporting a creeper, lol.

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No Orgasms For You!

Men in chastity devices call fairly frequently, which is always amusing considering they cannot masturbate when they call, you know, their cocks being locked up and all. It’s a tease to call someone to get you aroused when in fact you cannot in fact do anything to alleviate that arousal. Many will say their wives or girlfriends or mistresses made them call to get worked up, but of course they are not allowed to masturbate.

It’s fun to mock and tease them and get them worked up knowing they won’t be able to cum, and in fact in some devices getting hard will actually become downright painful if those spike things are inside the cock cage and will dig into them if they become erect. One caller says his mistress has him on forty five day cycles. He’s locked up for forty five days, allowed out for one, then back in, so he’d better cum as much as possible in that window of time between the cycles, or else he will get no pleasure to tide him over until the next release date.

Why some men want to deprive themselves I cannot grasp, life is short, you’d think you’d want to have as many orgasms as possible, but there are a lot of men out there into the whole chastity device fetish and being denied orgasms for literally months on end. Using mistresses and key holding services, all kinds of nonsense to deprive themselves with. It’s no skin off anyone’s nose but their own. Some will say they are literally dripping with precum when you get them aroused and they are so frustrated, but they crave and enjoy that very frustration, that’s why they keep themselves locked up like they do. There’s all kinds of fetishes out there that turn some off and get others going like there’s no tomorrow, there’s a whole world of them for you to explore.

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Cross Country Fuck Fest

Recently I went on a road trip with a couple of buddies of mine. I’d been fuck buddies with both of them at one point or another and we all had time off at the same time and decided to go on a little road trip for a few days rather than just sit at home. I hadn’t planned on anything happening with them sexually while we were on this little jaunt, but as luck would have it, as we all grew tired for the night the town we happened to be in was out of rooms, we hadn’t known there was a convention in town and we were simply too tired to keep driving, so we slept in the back of the van.

Things quickly got amorous between the three of us. I was sleeping in the middle, or trying to, and I felt hands on either side of me, one set under my shirt, another under my panties, I was soon wet and wanting cock. I didn’t disappoint the guys, either. It was unexpected, but not unwelcome. I soon had one cock in my mouth and another in my pussy, and I was loving every minute of it.

The next night we got a hotel, but there was a lot of bed hopping going on between the three of us. I was made to cum so many times, it was hot as anything and I was just dripping for their cocks. They both had nice cocks, the one a little shorter, but fatter, they both filled me in different ways, it was hot and I loved it. Every night of our little road trip we got it on, and one afternoon we even pulled over off to the side of the road and went into the back of the van. I don’t see how anyone could have not seen it rocking back and forth as we fucked. We are very naughty, but very satisfied.

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Hot ‘n Heavy Hotel

I recently went out of town for the weekend alone. There was a few shows I wanted to see, and it was just too difficult to get transportation home at the time after the shows ended, so I decided to just stay over and enjoy myself. I saw one show and just loved it, so after I came back to my room and ordered some room service, and this handsome young guy was the one that brought it. Needless to say I didn’t want him to leave and asked if he could stay a while, he smiled and said he could.

I ate fairly quickly I was so hungry, and I think he got the idea I was interested in more than food and he asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. I was a bit shocked at his directness, but there’s not a doubt what the answer to the question was. I nodded yes and he pushed the meal cart aside and climbed onto the bed and started to kiss me and undress me and it wasn’t long until we were both naked and very turned on, laying on the bed.

I reached down and found his cock rock hard and he pulled my legs gently apart and slid into me and I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him as deep inside as I could get him. He sucked on my nipples making them hard and I was soon cumming all over his young, hard cock and he was shooting his load inside of me. I asked him if he could stop by in the morning before he began work and he said yes, of course he could, so I would get to enjoy this young man once more before I left town. I looked forward to it all night long.

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