Panty Perverts Unite

There’s no shortage of callers that are into ladies panties. One called me last night and he asked for me to put some on. He was very specific, he wanted to know exactly what kind I had. He didn’t care if they were “sexy panties”, he just wanted to know what kind they were. I told him I had Fruit of The Loom microfiber hi cuts. It’s amazing how many men out there know exactly the kinds of panties out there and have an extensive knowledge of them and assume you will as well. So I told him I’d slip on a light pink pair.

He then said how much he enjoyed licking a woman’s pussy through her panties to get them all hot and bothered. Also fairly common for men to say this. Making a lady beg for the panties to either be removed or at the very least pulled to the side for their tongue to touch it bare. Then the fingers sliding in to feel the wetness and explore the cunt lips. They really like the ladies as wet and gooey as they can be before they will allow any skin contact whatsoever.

Finally, after long periods of begging, the cock will finally slide into the pussy with the panties off to the side. Something about the fabric of that crotch panel against their cocks while fucking drives them mad. They get more turned on by fucking a woman with panties on than if they are nude for some reason. There are many pretty panties out there, and they certainly do their job when they drive men to the point of horny madness. Then after fucking, they shoot their load of cum and some of it of course gets spread on the crotch of those panties and soaks into them. They do love those sexy panties.

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