Passion For Rain

I might be a bit odd, but the rain has always made me a bit horny. Thunderstorms especially. Now I have heard of others having this particular fetish, but it’s not that common. My latest boyfriend thought it a bit funny when it was a thunderstorm recently and I asked if we could go outside and fuck. Now he’s not one to turn down a fuck, so he was game, and he said it seemed to invigorate me a bit, and intensify things. I just love the whole sensation. He asked why fucking in the shower wouldn’t be as good, but it’s just not the same.

We went outside and his car was nearby so we just did it there, I didn’t want to get on the wet grass or anything quite that organic, but it just fills me with an excitement like nothing else. It’s sexy, it’s cleansing, it’s relaxing, I just feel very at home fucking in the rain. I don’t want to roll around in the snow or lay in puddles or anything too strange, but feeling the rain pour over you as you make love is a very powerful thing for me and I’ve introduced every boyfriend I’ve ever had to this and they all grew to like it for the most part, but they just don’t have the passion for it that I do.

It’s odd, you really have to really concentrate a lot harder to cum when you’ve also got the physical sensation of rain pouring over you, lightening to worry a bit about, though I’m not really worried about being hit, but it’s a sexy risk nonetheless. The orgasms are powerful and then running inside and having a hot shower together to get really clean, the whole process turns me on. Obviously I prefer it at night than in the day, the lightening cracks lighting up the sky for brief moments as I strive to cum with my boyfriends dick inside of me, I just love it.

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