Please Beat Me, Mistress


One of my callers of many years also sees real time dominatrixes, like many clients do. This one however is very cruel. He claims she beat him for over 50 hours. I’d think her arms would have given out after considerably less time, yet he says it wasn’t punishment for consecutive hours, but over a few days, with willow branches she made him cut off a tree. Apparently she doesn’t like him calling me and for every minute he talks to me, he gets 1 hour of a beating.

This is all quite amusing to me. She supposedly goes over his bank statements monthly and sees his payments for phone sex calls and then the beatings commence for him, so he literally cannot even sit for days on end and has to sleep on his stomach on the spanking bench she made him make for himself. He’s apparently handy at woodworking and has made implements at the Mistress’s instruction for her to use on him. He keeps saying how he wishes I was his real time Mistress and he’d come and serve me since he knows I’d be much more gentle in my beatings and punishments.

Sure, come to me, the softie. I might not be as cruel as she is, but I could still be plenty cruel. The things he tells me, he’s either got a hell of an imagination, or else he’s really caught up in some weird real time stuff I can’t even grasp if I try. Phone sex is certainly safer, and cheaper than real time Mistress involvement, but some men just crave that real time activity between calls.

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