Salty Delights

Guy Licking Cum From Hand

It would be hard to even count how many callers are licking their own cum after the masturbate, it’s a lot. Others will say they want to do it, call for the encouragement to do so, yet always chicken out the moment they cum and not be able to do so. I say what’s the worst that you have to do, bush your teeth after and use some mouthwash? It’s not battery acid for heaven’s sakes. It’s normal to try it once in a while, or even if only a few times, but the steady diet of it after each masturbation session, seems a little much. If they enjoy it though, it’s not hurting anyone, go for it.

Some men love cum so much they even enjoy the cum of another man, as in being a clean up boy and licking it out of their lovers pussy. That’s a bit much, but ones into humiliation, it’s an excellent way to feel very humiliated and the submissive of another man, to be made to lick up their cum out of your partners pussy. One called me the other night that his wife was on a date with another man and she was going to come home filled with the cum of another man. She’d stopped even letting him touch her, so he was looking forward to sucking on the panties she’d be removing that would be damp with another man’s cum.

This was what he lived for, panties that were soaked through of another man’s spunk. Some crave the taste, to see how different it is to their own. Others develop an acquired taste for it after being forced to suck off another man at their partners urging. Depends on the guy. Cum lickers cum in many different sorts. Others love the idea of a woman taking down their cum and swallowing it, but they do not want it for themselves.

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