Say “The Soles of My Feet”

Most people have ugly, gross feet. Some ladies however are lucky enough to have lovely feet and there are absolutely men out there who adore feet and toes above all else. One caller that I’ve heard from quite a bit in the past few weeks is quite into foot fetish and likes the words repeated over and over, as some do, he loves things like, “the soles of my bare feet” said over and over for several minutes and he’s just in a state of ecstasy as it’s said back to him.

Feet can hold an amazing amount of appeal to ones into foot fetish. The thought of them running over their body, or smelling them, licking them, sucking on the toes, the look of them in certain types of shoes, it drives them into a masturbatory frenzy like nothing else. The porn they watch is usually about feet, foot jobs, feet with beautiful pedicures. Summertime is their favorite time of the year, since of course there’s feet on display in flip flops and sandals, possibly even no shoes at all at the beach.

He had this fantasy about walking in a park and seeing a lady sitting there eating her lunch and reading a book on her lunch hour, her bare feet up and exposed, and he comes walking on by and sees the bottoms of her bare feet and is soon so aroused he’s dripping precum in his pants and soon shoots a load in his pants without even so much as a finger on his cock. The sight of the feet alone is enough to get him to ejaculate, and of course she notices this and likes the attention and she invites him back to her place so she can get to know him better. Only to a man could they think a woman would invite them back for getting to know them, in reality they’d be flagging down a cop and reporting a creeper, lol.

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