Sex Party

An acquaintance I don’t know all that well invited me to a sex party. I was unsure whether to go to the party or not, but honestly I had nothing better to do, and just because I went did not mean I had to participate. I was free to leave at any time if I wanted so, but I was curious, so I decided to go and I’m glad I did I didn’t intend on having fun like I did. I thought I might look around for a while and decide to go back home, but it was filled with interesting and handsome people, so I stayed and was soon asked to partake in delights of the sensual variety.

It was a masked party and most of the men had masks on, most women did not. It was kind of sexy only seeing half of someone’s face and not knowing who was behind the masks. I was approached by two men who asked me to go into a private room with them, and from what I could see of them, they were both handsome, so I went. I soon discovered they were both interested in pleasuring me, which was even better. I was told I didn’t need to reciprocate in any way, they just wanted to make me feel good, and oh boy, they sure did!

My clothes were sensually peeled off of me and they asked if I’d like to be fucked and have my clit licked at the same time, I love that, I had done that with two guys years before and always loved that double sensation of pleasure, so I was on all fours as one cock entered me and the other guy crawled underneath me and went to town on my stiffened clit and I was just tingling with pleasure as they worked on me. I came so hard and I guess it sounds a bit selfish, but I was in no mood to give, just to take, so once I came, I got dressed and went back out to mingle. It was a very arousing night.

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