Shave Your Man Parts, Please!


Like all things, people prefer different things. Some like pubic hair, others want clean shaven, some are ok with either and don’t care. One caller was quite into pubic hair and assumed everyone was and I was gagging as he talked about “licking the hairs.” Oh boy, you just have to roll with things at times and go along with what they want, no matter your personal likes or dislikes and make it sound as if it’s wonderful.

Holding back the gagging and the laughter can be an amusing part of this crazy job of being a phone sex operator. You hear on a daily basis things you couldn’t imagine in a million years. Some women don’t care for a shaved man, they think it makes them prepubescent, to others, it just looks like a clean, swimmers look. From one extreme to the other, you will find things, from guys that like small breasted girls to ones that like near watermelon sized breasts.

Sex with swamp thing isn’t really an attraction for me, and I’d not hesitate to ask someone to shave if they were not. One caller I have mentioned he likes shaved ladies, but he himself is quite furry and loved to run his fingers through his pubic hair as he masturbates. Oh, what a visual that is. If you’re single I guess keep it how you like it, but don’t foist your pubes or god forbid ass hair on another person if they indicate they’d like smooth. You’ll get luckier a lot more if you are appealing to them and they don’t feel like it’s welcome to the jungle time.

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