Shopping Break

The after Thanksgiving sales, black Friday, they are simply the best, I set out to do a lot of holiday shopping and it can be a bit stressful, all the people, the heat of the stores, the walking, I was stressed before I even went in the mall. I’d bought a few things and decided to try on some clothes I’d seen that were on at a good price. I was in the dressing room and the store was pretty busy. There was a bench to sit down on and all of a sudden the wave of horniness came over me and I wanted to cum. I needed to cum.

I quickly stripped off my clothes and thankfully the saleslady wasn’t knocking at the door asking if everything fit ok. I started to rub my pussy and I found I was already wet. I was even able to watch myself do it in the dressing room mirror, which heightened the whole experience. I spread my cunt lips wide and was teasing my clit, moving my fingers back and forth over it, I knew I couldn’t spend too much time in there, but it felt so good, and it was kind of risky knowing everyone was right outside the door.

I rubbed faster and faster and bit my lip as I came, quickly gathered up my items and left. My panties would be damp by the end of the day with my juices soaking into them. This would be a day of holiday shopping I wouldn’t soon forget. I told my boyfriend when I got home about my little adventure in the dressing room and he said he’d had loved to have been there so we could have fucked. I think that would attract a bit more attention than just masturbating alone. Maybe the next time we are at the mall we should try it and see if we can get away with it.

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