Showing Off

One thing I used to like to do years ago before I got into phone sex was go on video chat sites and show off on cam, for free, just for the hell of it. I enjoyed showing off and getting compliments on my body, knowing I could so easily turn men on while masturbating and having fun myself, that’s what lead me to phone sex in the first place. I’d get home from a long day at work and feel horny, and I thought hey, why not show off and masturbate on cam and get some guys horny as well?

It all started innocently enough, and soon I didn’t even want to think about masturbating unless I knew at least one person would be watching. I got even more wet than usual when I knew some guys were stroking their cocks as I was fingering my cunt. Some of them would show on cam as well so we could watch each other, but watching never did it for me, I preferred to show and do the giving. Some women get off on being used and treated like sluts, it sounds humiliating, but it’s a feeling some of us crave.

I always liked to be treated like a whore by my boyfriends in the bedroom, not anywhere else, but in the bedroom, yes, so now I could felt that way even though I didn’t have a boyfriend, I had strange guys watching me squeeze my tits, lick my nipples, play with my pussy and slide toys into myself. Many times I didn’t even have the cam aimed so my face could be seen, it was from the waist down only they could see, but I loved being watched. I haven’t done that in years, but I think about it when I masturbate even now.

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