Spread ‘Em!


Many men find the administration of enemas pleasurable. More men are into this sort of medical play than women, and it is usually because of the prostate glad that gives them pleasure, that is similar to a woman’s G spot. Many men are often getting erections in a medical environment as it is not uncommon when a nurse or doctor is touching someone fore them to get unexpectedly aroused. Not all enemas are in a medical environment though.

They have become much more popular in the BDSM communities, and some are even wanting them before and during sex, apparently the holding in of the enema liquid can make for more powerful orgasms and they release their enema as they cum. God knows where this is happening, hopefully not a bed! The front lawn with the garden hose, that seems a better idea, better to squirt your fertilizer on the lawn than the bed, ick. Ones often use them prior to any sort of anal play to make things as clean as possible. Ones into analingus especially like things as clean as possible for their tongue in ass explorations, if that’s what gets you going.

For some, anal stimulation is the ultimate in satisfaction, and the medical aspect enemas give to some that harbor naughty nurse or doctor fantasies is what pushes them over the edge to a very intense orgasm. I’m sure no matter what the medical procedure, someone, somewhere will be getting aroused to it.  Especially if it’s having to do with the genital areas.

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