Sticky Buns

Would a normal person look at a hair bun and become aroused? Well, to some it is very arousing. To one of my clients he loves to talk about fucking not only women sporting hair buns, but the actual hair buns themselves. He wants to cover them in cum and make them “sticky buns”.

That would do it, think of the scene in “There’s Something About Mary” with the cum on his ear she mistakes for hair gel and combs it through her own bangs, now imagine an entire sticky, crispy bun with hardened cum in it!

He not only wishes to fuck the hair bun, but have the cock go right through the skull and into the brain and cum on the brain, coating it in cum as the sperm enters the brain cells to make them even more horny. Unusual fantasies some have. Skull fucking to some means cock in mouth and face fucking, not literally fucking the skull via the hair bun.

Everytime this man calls we go over various styles of hair buns and how he’d approach fucking them. Some would be approached from the side, others right into the middle, more than one way to fuck a hair bun apparently and get it dripping with cum. Cum on the cranium, who knew? I’ve mentioned this callers fantasies to a number of people since it always struck me as odd, only one I have mentioned it to said he’d had the same thought a while back when he saw a woman out with her hair piled high.

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