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Double Penetration with Just Your Partner

Have you been curious to get your lady to try double penetration, yet she’s a bit hesitant to get another guy involved in your sex life just yet? Well double penetration doesn’t always have to involve a threesome, it can … Continue reading

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Fuck My Ass

Not all women are into the backdoor action, but some of us like it just fine. One of the guys I’m seeing has always loved it and prefers it to pussy even, since it’s so much tighter. I find with … Continue reading

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Bum Fuck Me, Baby

My latest boyfriend is kind of into anal sex, I had tried it a few times in the past and not really enjoyed it, it just wasn’t for me. He convinced me to give it one more try though and … Continue reading

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Gag Me, Sir

My new boyfriend, or should I perhaps say Master, has introduced me to a whole new world of BDSM and restraints. I’d never been gagged before, but he got a ball gag for me and I was made to get … Continue reading

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Gone Fisting

The other night a man called and he said he was into extreme size toys. I asked what size were we talking here and he said 16 inches. Now, were it not for my having seen such a toy on … Continue reading

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