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He Fucked the Weather Girl’s Shoes

I had a memorable call the other day. Now callers into foot fetish or lingerie or shoes are pretty common, but this involves a celebrity as well. This man asked me if I knew of this particular weather girl on … Continue reading

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When a Celebrity Calls

  Some have asked if a celebrity has ever called. Well, a few low level ones yes, but of course we are bound by confidentiality like a psychiatrist is to her patients. No one would call us if we went … Continue reading

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The Perfect 1950’s Housewife

A caller the other day brought up a celebrity that’s never come up in a conversation before, Donna Reed. He wanted me to describe in perfect detail how I’d dress him up as the perfect 1950’s housewife. Now I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Sometimes a caller will have a “thing” for a certain movie, or a scene from a movie. There’s several callers I can think of that have sent me links to movies they had an obsession with. They can be very … Continue reading

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