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The Allure of The Tranny

There’s no shortage of callers that confess to either fantasizing about being with a tranny or shemale, or ones that say they’ve actually been with one. Men in smaller cities or towns seem to have a much harder time than … Continue reading

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Sexy Shemale Cock

A caller was telling me last night he was a bit shaken up by a recent event and he wanted to tell someone about it. He’d gone out to a bar with some friends and they had all gone to … Continue reading

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Double Your Pleasure

Hermaphrodites is what we usually call intersex people, ones born with ambiguous genitalia. Lots of guys are excited by the prospect of a tranny, a “chick with a dick”, but an intersex person can have a fully functional vagina and … Continue reading

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When it comes to sexual perversions, I kind of think trannies fit the bill. It’s not a man, it’s not a woman, it’s kind of an abomination of nature in my opinion. It will never be one or the other. … Continue reading

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