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He Made Me Cum

My latest boyfriend is the best I’ve ever had in bed. I literally cannot get enough of him. He gives me lots of things to tell callers about that we’ve been doing in bed, and heaven knows they do love … Continue reading

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Filled Up Pussy

One of the more common topics guys love to talk about is the cream pie. The pussy overflowing with cum that’s been put there. Some guys are so into a cum filled cunt, they really don’t even care if the … Continue reading

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Cumming Buckets

One thing callers love to go on about is cum. They are obsessed with it. How much, how often, some lick it up every time they masturbate. Others get the craving to lick it up, yet chicken out at the … Continue reading

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Don’t Waste A Drop

Some men are obsessed with their own cum and they call up and say they want you to guide them through licking up their own cum, but of course they chicken out at the last moment and then I laugh … Continue reading

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Splatter Me With Cum

This new guy I’ve been seeing is a bit different, he wants to wait to have real sex, I’m going nuts wanting him to fuck me and I’m not quite sure what to do. He’s only let me give him … Continue reading

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