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He Fucked the Weather Girl’s Shoes

I had a memorable call the other day. Now callers into foot fetish or lingerie or shoes are pretty common, but this involves a celebrity as well. This man asked me if I knew of this particular weather girl on … Continue reading

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Your Feet Are Very Fuckable

I’ve been seeing this new man and he really has a thing for my feet, for many women’s feet actually. He told me he’s had a foot fetish for many years, and I’ve never dated a man with a foot … Continue reading

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I’m Gonna Walk All Over You!

One thing some men fantasize about is getting trampled on by women. Some are into smothering, others trampling and having ones literally walk all over them and hurt them sometimes in high heeled shoes. Ones would have to be fairly … Continue reading

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Abused Shoes

There are people that love shoes and people that love messes. Sometimes the two fetishes collide into what’s called, “abused shoes”. It seems a waste of a pair of beautiful shoes to be sure, and of course the most in … Continue reading

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