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The Pool Closing

It’s gotten to that time of year again when the pool needs to be closed up for the season. I called the pool place around a week ago and yesterday they sent over this new guy I’d never seen before. … Continue reading

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Hot ‘n Heavy Hotel

I recently went out of town for the weekend alone. There was a few shows I wanted to see, and it was just too difficult to get transportation home at the time after the shows ended, so I decided to … Continue reading

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A Trip To The Gloryhole

I cannot even count the number of callers that tell me of their trips to the gloryhole to suck random cock, or their fantasies of doing so if they have not already. I’m not sure how many cities have these, … Continue reading

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The Sexy Taxi Driver

I take a lot of cabs, and I use pretty much one company exclusively that I prefer over all the others. Many times I have heavy items that the drivers are good enough to carry up to my door for … Continue reading

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Stranger In A Bar

A few friends and myself went to a new bar the other night, for a new place there wasn’t too many people inside of it, it was a nice place though, I guess word just hadn’t gotten out yet. We … Continue reading

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