Teasing the Teen

There’s a teenage boy next door and I know he’s lonely and desperate. He’s cute enough, but so shy. He stutters he is so shy even. I bet he spends his nights masturbating to free porn and not having anything to do with real girls. I know he gets home from school several hours before his parents get home from work. I bet he masturbates then as well. I decided to toss the poor boy a bone recently and gave him a peek at my pussy via the doorbell cam he has on the door.

I rang the bell to get his attention and I knew he’d be looking through it to see if a package had arrived or something. Instead I bent forward and started to finger my pussy for him to watch, some “live porn” if you will. I bet he’s never seen a pussy up close and in person the way he’d be seeing me. The entryway was a bit concealed from other neighbors, so I knew none would be able to see my antics if they were looking out their windows. I could feel him watching me. I wondered what the view was like from inside on the doorbell cam he was watching. I bet he was stroking his young dick like there was no tomorrow!

Maybe if I was feeling generous, I could leave my window shade open tonight and let him watch me undress. I might even masturbate again for him, I’m so naughty, teasing a young boy like this. I do realize those, these images I am placing in his mind will be in his spank bank the rest of his life. I’m sure my boyfriend would not approve of this, but I doubt the boy will be telling anyone. It will be our little naughty, neighborly secret.

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