Tell Me How You Masturbate

Many callers like to quiz phone girls about our masturbation habits, and it’s actually fun to be able to talk about such things openly, when in your real life you’d not likely be sharing that info in everyday conversation with your friends or family. They want to know how often, I always laugh when they ask how many times per DAY I do it! Um, a couple a week usually. The technique, the method I employ, do I use toys, do I like being watched. They have genuine curiosity about women’s masturbation habits, and seem to not be asking their wives and girlfriends about it.

I do not mind telling them anything they want to know about it in my life. Perhaps many callers just have very shy, uptight women in their lives and they just wouldn’t feel comfortable asking them these questions, but if these women are consenting to fuck them once in a while, is answering some questions about your masturbation habits that out of line for the man you love? I will never understand the big deal about it. They are never at a loss for questions, how young were you when you started, how many times do you cum on average?

Sometimes calls are not so much about talking about their fantasies and fetishes, but asking questions they seem too shy to ask other ladies in their real lives they want to know. There is an openness that comes from talking on the phone to a stranger, especially when you don’t have to look them in the eye as you do. I swear, most callers would hold back from a psychiatrist, but seem to spill all kinds of embarrassing details to a phone sex girl they are talking to. We will be happy to answer your questions!

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