The Birth Of A Cuckold


I had decided I’d had enough of my husband’s small penis and was going to do something about it. Of course I could do something about the size of his penis, but I could change how I was doing without by being only with him. He’s good at licking pussy, sure, but as great as that is, sometimes a woman needs more, you know? So I decided to go out and find myself a lover that could sexually satisfy me.

It didn’t take me long, I went onto an online hookup site and quickly had offers form over a half dozen men within hours of setting up a profile page there. Many had pics of their cocks even I could see and I was impressed. I talked with a few of them on the phone and hit it off with a couple of them. I made plans to meet and the one I brought over that very night. My husband was at some business get together and as he was making contacts to earn more money I was fucking another man in out marital bed. It was the first time I came from a cock inside me in all the years I’d been only with him.

My lover wasn’t gone ten minutes when hubby came home and I was still laying in bed and he asked why I was in bed so early, I said I’d been masturbating and now I was ready for him to eat me. He went straight to work and raised his head up between my legs after having a taste, but didn’t say anything. I think he questioned if the cum of another man was in there and yet he kept at it. I think this might be the beginning of something fun!

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