The Pillow Humpers

Some men masturbate by humping their pillows. Hands free masturbation is more common than some would believe. Not everyone requires their hands to get themselves off. Some prefer a toy like the Fleshlight or pocket pussy, but you still need your hands to grip them. One caller though places it between his mattress and box spring and wedges his toy in there and pumps his dick in and out of the toy that way. Others prefer the simple act of either two stacked pillows, or one pillow folded over. Some have done the same with cushions. When you’re horny, you can get creative where you stick your dick.

Pillow humpers often question if it’s right to do it, odd thing to ask. If you launder your pillows right after, which I’d bet most are certainly not doing, it’s fine. It’s pretty gross otherwise. One admittedly just turns his pillow over and has the cum covered side facing down. Yuck, oh well, people do have their different standards. I guess sandwiching your penis in between two pillows can feel like sliding it into a pussy if a guy hasn’t gotten any in a while, so it’s kind of the next best thing for them.

There’s countless different ways to masturbate, so creativity is a good thing if it helps liven things up a bit. Boring can be true for masturbating the same way it can for sex if it’s always done the same old way, variety does keep things interesting. So if you haven’t tried humping a pillow in a while, go for it, but please launder it afterwards, the whole pillow, not just the case. Do you want to lay your face against some cum covered, gross, crusty pillow? Or God help if you have any unfortunate guests and they come into contact with it.

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