The Yard Man

Upon the advice of some of the ladies on my block in the new neighborhood I moved into, I took on this new yard man and they all raved about him. He did a nice job sure, but I didn’t quite understand what all the fuss was about until one day recently when he was here raking the first fallen leaves of the season. I invited him in afterwards to have a warm drink since it was a bit nippy out and he gratefully accepted.

We got to talking and he asked me if I had a man at all and I said no, so he asked me if there was anything else I’d like him to do other than yard work. I was beginning to pick up on what he was saying, even though he didn’t come right out and say it. Then the light bulb went off about what the other ladies had been talking about. You know what, I was going to give it a try, so I said yes, as a matter of fact, there was something that was being neglected, and that something was me. He was attractive and muscular from all the physical work, and he came up behind me and started to massage my breasts.

My nipples were soon hard and he was massaging them in his hands. I was soon laid back across the kitchen table and he was peeling my clothes off and burying his face between my legs and licking me like I hadn’t been licked in a long, long time and he was great at it. I was wetter than I’d ever been with that magic tongue of his all over my clit and sucking in my cunt lips. I was soon screaming in ecstasy and left breathless after several orgasms courtesy of his tongue. I could only imagine the other things we’d soon be doing.

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