Things Got Hot At The Gym

Recently I signed up to a new gym in the area and wanted to take full advantage of the facilities and was checking out all the different exercise classes and I had no idea what close and personal attention one of the trainers gave the people that worked out there, but I soon found out. I’d taken gymnastics in high school and had always been more flexible than normal, several boyfriends had been grateful for this little fact. I wanted to see how flexible I was after all these years, and after a spinning class I asked the trainer to help me see.

She and I were alone in the room and she helped me get into position on the exercise mat and I told her the routines I used to do and she positioned me and lifted my legs back and once I was in the old position again, I was shocked to feel her hand caress my pussy over my leotard. It felt really good, honestly. That position makes your clit stand out and I was a bit stiff after not doing that for so many years, but I was able to do it and then to feel her hand on my pussy, oh my, it was wonderful.

She rubbed my lips through the leotard and just rubbed them back and forth and soon I was wanting skin against skin, and just as though she’d been reading my mind, her fingers slipped inside the edges of the leg holes and found my cunt already wet, and she started to toy with my clit. It was an awkward position to try and have an orgasm in, but I knew if she continued, I would. I was moaning and knew I was getting closer, and all of a sudden I came and she continued to rub me through the orgasm. I caught my breath and she slowed down and then stopped. She said she was glad to help me get back into my exercise routine, and I was sure glad she’d helped!

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