Touching Myself


I’ve masturbated my entire life, it’s always been one of my favorite things to do to relax, it’s just feels good, it’s as simple as that. Most boyfriends I’ve had not only love to masturbate themselves and have me watch, but they love to watch me pleasure myself and I’m only too happy to do so. I like a nice, slippery pussy when I’m going to play with myself, not all women create enough natural lubrication, so some lube can really help things feel better.

I like to play before bed usually, it’s a good way to feel as relaxed as you can before bed and just let the cares and stresses drain away as you very gently and teasingly drag your fingers up and down your nice, oiled slit. My stiffened clit gets teased out from under her little hood and rubbed until I’m bucking my hips and driving myself wild, gyrating back and forth on my bed as my fingers move so quickly they become a blur with all the activity.

One orgasm isn’t going to satisfy me, I need two or more, and I love to drag those juices all over my swollen, engorged cunt lips to drive myself wild as I bring myself to that brink again and again, getting more and more exhausted with each and every stroke of my fingers, spreading that wetness around. Most of my boyfriends that have watched me said I’m so sexy to watch, the ways my hips undulate and how I scream when I get close to cumming and just moan so loudly when I do. It turns them on and it drives me wild knowing how hot it makes them. I will enjoy masturbation the rest of my life, it’s a wonder, healthy, relaxing thing to do! Enjoy it as often as possible.

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