Turning Tricks Party Girl


When I was in college I was often desperate for money. I had a heavy workload of classes and just didn’t have time to waste on low paying retail or food service jobs that were long on hours and short on pay. I decided to do escorting for high pay and not many hours. One of the jobs I did several times was be the entertainment at bachelor parties, by jumping out of cakes and dancing a bit and of course turning tricks in the back room with the guests one at a time.

The pay and the tips were great, but they were tiring. You could conceivably over a three hour party be servicing up to twenty men, wither with hand jobs, blow jobs, full on fucking. Some were literally only a couple of minutes, they would get so excited you wouldn’t take long, it was one after the other, but I left with thousands of dollars just for turning tricks. Not all the guests were interested in getting serviced, but some absolutely enjoyed it and would fuck my mouth and splatter my tits with cum.

I loved the money from a party night, but the were plenty exhausting, literally a few minutes with guy after guy, you really felt like a used whore after an evening like that, but some girl flipping burgers would not even be $30 richer and I’d have a few grand in cash from tips and the job. You did feel powerful that you could drain all those men so quickly when you set your mind to it. I haven’t escorted in years, but it did pay my way through school and set me up with a nest egg.

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