The Most Unnatural Of All


Most consider a perversion an unnatural sex act of one kind or another. To many though the most unnatural act is no sex at all. Chastity is no sex. Not even masturbation, Nada, zilch, zero. Talk about unnatural! I cannot imagine not even masturbation, that’s beyond insane. And of course it was religions that liked to push the no sex before marriage/purity guilt trips onto people.

Life for women could be especially hard if ones found out she hadn’t been chaste, she’d be downright unmarriageable or in some cultures possibly even killed in an “honor killing” to restore “honor” to her family she so shamed by her lust and inability to control her base desires. Most of us in modern society cannot even imagine the restrictions on our lives this way, yet even in modern times in some countries restrictions like this are a reality. India, Middle Eastern countries, if a woman was found out to be having sex outside of marriage, the consequences would not be pretty indeed, they might actually be fatal.

Our bodies are designed for sex and for pleasure, to deny nature this way is absurd. No need to go out and fuck everything that moves, but it’s natural to enjoy our bodies, alone and to share that physical joy with others as well. Look to the animal kingdom, most are certainly not monogamous, nor do they have religion or marriage, yet animals do have a society and hierarchy and do quite well left to their own devices. In many ways they have a lot more sense than people do.

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