Up, Up and Away!

Recently I had the experience of a lifetime and got to go in a hot air balloon. My boyfriend had arranged a special couples only flight, the most expensive since it’s just the two of you and the pilot. When we were up there among the clouds almost he whispered to me he was going to make love to me. I asked in a lowered voice right in his ear, “What about the pilot?” He smiled and said the pilot was a friend of his and he raised this fabric partition thing so we could not be seen.

The basket already had sections for other people and we were in our own section, the fabric partition that was from chest to above head level prevented the pilot from seeing us, though I had a hunch my boyfriend told him what we were planning on doing. I wasn’t so sure about this, the space was pretty tight, but he reminded me we’d done it quickly in a plane bathroom the year before, which was true. Alright, I’d give it a try. I lowered my jeans and my panties, trying hard to not laugh at the insanity of it all and he unzipped his pants and took out his cock. I don’t even want to know what his friend was thinking on the other side of the fabric partition, likely holding back the laughter.

I grabbed the basket and I felt him come up behind me and enter me, he thrust inside and I cannot say the whole thing wasn’t exhilarating. The breeze, the peaceful skies, the spectacular views. He grabbed my breasts and kneaded them in his hands. I tried to forget the friend/pilot and just focused on him fucking me, it was sensory overload to be honest. He reached around and fingered my clit as he fucked me, we both tried to be as quiet as possible and I was worried about the basket shaking, but it really didn’t at all. I did cum and so did he. We rearranged our clothes and smiled at the oddness of it all. The fabric partition was removed and his friend had a silly look on his face, but he didn’t say a word. It was a unique experience to be sure.

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