We Are All Sick In Our Own Way


Paid for sexual encounters are abhorrent to some and a fact of life to others. Why would a man pay for sex when so many women these days are free about giving it away? One man says he does not pay a hooker for sex, he pays her to leave. It’s the absence of emotion, just a physical act we are paying for a release. Many look down on phone sex operators as nothing more than whore’s, even though it’s just phone sex, talking, not touching or meeting clients, it’s insane to make such a comparison. Yet to some they feel if you are making a man cum for money, you are indeed a whore.

Some men like celebrities have their pick of women tossing themselves at them, yet them being with hookers is quite a common thing. They have no need to wine and dine the hooker to get her to go to bed with them, she is a sure thing. Many do not want the emotional entanglements of a relationship, so in a way you can’t blame them for just paying someone to have fun with for a few hours, and then they are back to their freedom. No expectations of a relationship whatsoever.

Paying for companionship is as old as time. Why people see a problem with it I personally do not grasp. As long as both parties are in agreement as to what the transaction involves, why would there be any outside interference from others between two consenting adults? Some people just do not have it in them to be emotionally close to another person, yet they do have the physical needs for sex and touching, why should they have to worry about legal implications for that? It’s utter nonsense.

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