What My Friend Taught Me

When I was in school my best friend was pretty boy crazy. She was always running around and playing with lots of different ones. She asked me one night during a sleep over if I masturbated and I shyly admitted to it, so she asked if I’d thought of doing it in the same room together as her and I said no, and she asked if we could try it. Well being the more adventuresome of the two, she asked me not long after we started if she could touch me. I agreed and she had me stand beside the bed and she just simply stroked her finger in and out of my cunt lips.

It was a wonderful sensation to have someone else touch me. Even though the physical sensations were the same, the emotional aspect of having someone else do it was a whole different experience. I really liked it and she made me cum harder than I could make myself cum, so we would touch each other and masturbate together frequently once we started this mutual masturbation. I was afraid someone would find out, either my parents or hers, but no one ever did. If they’d known what we were up to, there’d have been hell to pay, I’m sure.

This continued on for a few years, it never went beyond mutual masturbation. We never went down on one another or anything, just touching and kissing, and it was fun, it was so much nicer to play with someone else rather than alone. It just took it up a notch and I wanted to always masturbate with someone, but never had a friend like her I did again, so that’s part of the reason I got into phone sex, was so I could sort of masturbate with someone even if I didn’t have them there in person.

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