What The Uncle Saw

One of my callers was telling me his niece came to stay with him for a few weeks and she is in her teens and he hadn’t seen her in a few years and he was quite shocked how grown up and well developed she’s become. He walked into her room without knocking and he realized he should have when he saw her lounging on the bed in just her underwear reading a book. She didn’t seem to mind him walking in and starting chatting normally, as if she wasn’t half naked with a cameltoe between her thighs with her panties caught between her pussy lips.

He tried not to stare at her crotch, but couldn’t help himself. She didn’t seem to notice and kept on chattering away. He said as soon as he got back to his room he had to masturbate at the thought of it. He pictured her teasing herself with her fingertips in that crease in her panties, masturbating herself over the fabric. He stroked his cock and pictured it as he rubbed his hard shaft up and down, oozing precum all over his dick. He spied on her several times over the following week, hoping to catch a glimpse of her masturbating. The final night she was there he got the break he’d been looking for.

She was in the bathroom and hadn’t closed the door all the way, he wonders if that might have been on purpose. He said he caught her reflection in the mirror as she was standing in front of it shaving her pussy after she’d gotten out of the shower. Once she was finished, she parted her feet a bit more and she began to finger herself in front of the mirror that was on the sliding glass door of the shower. He saw the glistening wetness on her fingers and saw how she bit her lip trying not to cry out when she came. He watched her masturbate there in front of the mirror until she made herself cum and he was frozen, hard as a rock watching her. He scurried away back to his room before she left the bathroom and he jerked off repeatedly that night thinking about it.

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