While You Were Away

My boyfriend was away recently on a business trip, and I thought that was the perfect opportunity to get some action on the side. I didn’t really consider it cheating, since his cock was a bit too small to satisfy me, and we’d discussed cuckolding as a possibility. He loves to watch cuckold porn and he’s mentioned me fucking other guys, but of course he assumed he’d be there to watch me do it as I got fucked. I had my fuck buddy over and we really went at it all night. It was nice having a cock in me I could actually feel for once.

I was filled with his cum loads several times and filled to overflowing. I was really satisfied after he’d fucked me so hard and so long, and after he left, I called my boyfriend in his hotel room and told him what I’d just done. He wanted every detail, and I could soon tell from his voice that he was masturbating as I told him. He was stroking his cock so quickly, I could hear the cock stroking sounds, the flesh against flesh noises.

He said it turned him on so much knowing that even as we spoke I had the cum of another man inside of me and he was breathing so hard as he asked me question after question. How big was his cock? Was it thick? How man times did I cum, how many did he? He was getting hornier and hornier as I answered each one and soon he shot his load and said he loved knowing I’d been used by another man and could we do it when he came home and could he watch? He was really into this, and I said yes, of course you can watch. He gets home this weekend, I will arrange my next session with my fuck buddy.

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