Who Am I?

One popular topic that comes up a lot on calls is guys that want to be with a tranny or shemale. I have even had many callers that have hired tranny escorts and refer to them as females, even though they have a cock. Some people have a gender identity disorder and relate to the opposite sex to which they were actually born. They feel they were born in the wrong body and will do whatever they have to to switch, even radical surgeries.

I’ve had a few callers, not many though, that seem to be in transition, on hormones, pre surgery, but planning to get it. One had already had breast implants, but not the cock removal and artificial vagina. With more people accepting of the gender identity issues, ones don’t have to hide like they once did, crossdressing behind closed doors in secret and wishing they were the sex they feel they are inside. For some men, it’s the best of both worlds to be with a tranny, they have the tits and the cock and can convince themselves they don’t have a same sex interest, it’s a man in a prettier package.

People are complex creatures, their desires often deep, dark and a mystery even to themselves. It’s a good thing these men have us to talk to about their fantasies that would perhaps go unexplored, or be a worrisome burden to them. Trannies are a perversion to many, a forbidden fantasy to others who likely would never pursue one in real life. Others might for a night with an escort depending on how curious they are.

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