Who Ya Gonna Call?


Sometimes a caller will have a “thing” for a certain movie, or a scene from a movie. There’s several callers I can think of that have sent me links to movies they had an obsession with. They can be very obscure, totally non sexual scenes as well. In fact, they usually are, which always makes me wonder how they could have spun that into some sex fantasy. I’ve had men go on about scenes in everything from “The Gremlins,” “Straw Dogs,” even the old 1930’s black and white “Our Gang” comedies.

This week a man was going on about “Ghostbusters.” Not a movie you’d think someone would be aroused by, but apparently Sigourney Weaver’s character and some of her scenes get him going like nothing else. I was sent a clip to watch, and he’d even typed out the dialog of the scenes which I was to reenact on the phone with him during the call and act and try and sound like she did in the movie. It’s actually a scary scene that would be horrific to have happen, and makes me wonder what sort of Sadist he is that that would turn him on, but after the call where I read the lines, he said the next call, there’d be “an extended version.” Oh goody……

It’s always interesting to see some obscure movie that strikes a chord in someone that they have become obsessed with it. One of my best callers for years would email me movie stills of the actress in scenes in it and I’d describe what she looked like in each picture, this went on multiple times for many years from a picture that was made before he was even born, yet he was obsessed to a bizarre degree with it. Movies and actresses can definitely have a huge effect on some viewers.

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